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Yay!  You decided to check this out.

Are you ready to throw off that cloak of invisibility and create an online presence?

Not sure?  I understand that, and it’s not a problem!

Here are a few ways to be create a great business but still maintain your anonymity:






Here’s how to earn with those businesses:





I recently had the great honour (and certainly the great pleasure! we laughed as much as we talked!) to be interviewed by Michelle Geyer, founder of the Love Creates A Family™.

Here are eight questions she put to me – listen through because you’re going to get lots of value from the information here.

Message me when you’re done and let me know what hit a chord with you!


Question:  Why do you think single pre-retirement women are so unprepared for retirement?



Question:  Who is a Pre-Ree?



Question:Why do you feel creating a supplemental source of income is so important for women who are close to retirement?



Question: What is your ideal retirement?



Question: What have you enjoyed about having an online business?



Question: Is this for everyone?



Question: Do you have any tools available for a Pre-Ree who might be interested by unsure where to start?



Question: What excites you about helping more Pre-Rees embrace entrepreneurship?


What question would you ask me?  Send it along!  your question may be the subject of one of my up-coming videos!


Here’s to your retirement!