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I REALLY hope this hasn’t happened to you!




Wondering who Agnes is and how she’s going to help you re-claim and re-create your retirement dreams?  Read on…

Welcome to AgnesKnowles dot ca, online home of Me!  Yes, Agnes Knowles!   I’m glad you’ve decided to hear me out… you’re probably pretty curious how I’m going to help you create an income that will supplement your current income or (drum roll, please) replace it so well that you will be living a retirement you thought could only happen to movie stars!!  Well, that’s my aspiration at least!!

You know, when the economy tanked in 2008, do you agree it was like the punch to the gut after a series of slaps about the face.  I’d been watching the bottom line of my retirement savings getting smaller for some time, and smiled bravely when my financial advisor had reassured me that it just meant I could buy more so that when the economy rallied I’d really be sitting pretty!  I even kept telling myself that it was not my money that was going down the toilet, it was my employer’s – I had a matching contribution benefit with my job.

me'n'MomFor me, though, by 2008 I had given up my management job and sold my house (with the small mortgage) in Victoria and moved to Courtenay to take care of my dementing mother where, you guessed it! I had bought a big house with a big mortgage so I could house a home-based business and take care of my mother full-time.

So there I was… in a new town, in a big house with a big mortgage, with a dementing and dependant mother… and the economy tanks!  Shortly thereafter I had to close my business as the random behaviours that accompanied Mother’s dementia made it stressful to have clients on site.  I did have a casual position with a former colleague but I was reaching a stage where I was nervous about leaving Mother alone for the 6-, 7-, 8-hours days I was being asked to work.

Thank goodness for lines of credit and credit cards!

Now I’m not having a one-woman pity-party here!  You might be nodding your head… you might be shaking your head and thinking “Agnes!  that’s nothing!  guess what happened to me!!”  I’d love to hear your story!

In retrospect I have been able to joke that I did all the right things for all the right reasons… just at the wrong time!

Finally my mother’s dementia reached a stage where I had to place her in gramma's boycare for safety’s sake.  No sooner was that done, however, than my daughter surprised me with the news that I was going to be a grandmother!  The best route for her and her baby was to come live with me in my big house so, Yup!  I traded one dependent for two!  I had a real job by then but the living was still pretty skinny!

Hopefully I have set the stage for why I was desperately seeking any form of income that could easily work around The Job.


Now’s the time I introduce my family…

I have three children (and of course one beautiful grandson!).  My two daughters live nearby, my son is now in New Zealand.  My son loves New Zealand.  My eldest daughter loves my grandson.  My younger daughter loves a sweet man she met in Madrid right out of high school.

As young love is wont to do, they followed each other back and forth from Spain to Canada to Spain to Canada… you get the idea!  My son-in lieu was not able to acquire a work Visa the first few times he came to Canada but he had managed to find some sort of income-producing activity online.  His degree and his work experience were perfectly suited to an online job… the one he found was rote and I knew he didn’t particularly like the work… but I was introduced to the concept of making money online!!!

And that’s how I came to be online looking for a side job.

I didn’t want to ask the kids for too much information in case they realized that Mom was really struggling financially – I’m old school and never broadcast my financial woes (not at the time at least).

Somewhere, somehow, curled up in my bed on a Sunday morning, pot of coffee on a tray beside me and my laptop on my knees… I discovered the trainer who started me down this path I’m on today.

I was reading her story and we had so much in common that I knew I had to check out her business model.

and the rest is history.tfi sat 029c

I learned so much from her about developing a business online based around yourself, your knowledge, your skills, your experiences, your interests, your passions… it was so YOU it was affectionately called You, Inc.

After 20+ years in ElderCare, and having just come off a couple of years of one-on-one caring for my mother in my home, I started looking at ways to develop a business around that.  I was on an incredible learning curve but it was exhilarating!  My life had new meaning that really did revolve around me!

Let me stop here and ask you… if you have kids, or parents, or a spouse, or anyone who relies on you for anything… when was the last time your life was truly all about you?  (imagine me with raised eyebrows, sitting here waiting for an answer)

As I did the research about my new endeavour and talked to people needing to learn about elder care and care options, I realized the bigger issue, and one that really yanked on my heart strings, was the huge stress that caregivers are under.

They carry the cost of their own lives and often subsidize the lives of those they care for.  They fit errands and appointments for others in around their jobs and their own errands and appointments.  They advocate for their loved ones on many fronts, often battling officialdom and professionals.  They ignore their own health, their own welfare, their own social connections, their own financial security…

and many of these caregivers are mid-life women.  Like me.  And you.

Perhaps this is an opportune time to mention how the government added insult to injury a few years back and changed the parameters of our pensions too!  Grrr!

Which brings us to here!

Natasha w Michelle and Agnes2For the last few years I have been on a learning expressway!  I’m following several gurus in this online space to see how they do it.  I have bought trainings and tried a number of different money-making methods just so I could understand them and explain them to you.  I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and I’ve burnt some serious midnight oil.  And I’ve made some friends who will be a part of my life forevermore.

I’ve also found a mentor who understands my drive and my passion (maybe because they’re second only to hers); she knows when to rein me in and when to get my attention with a swift kick in the proverbial!  She stays cutting edge, which means, by osmosis, I stay cutting edge.

All these things are who I am… and why I can help you re-claim and re-create your retirement dreams.

I believe a business of any sort is going to be more fun, more interesting, more profitable! if it’s built around your strengths.

I believe your strengths create a business that reflects your passion for it.

I believe your passion is exactly what will attract people who are like you and want to deal with you.  It’s way more fun working with, dealing with people who like you!  the real you!  not a you that you think you need to present so clients can be wooed!

I also believe you can do this.


So are you ready to start a new learning curve?  A curve that will bring you full circle back to the dreams… the expectations you used to have of retirement?

Are you ready to carve You into a new and exciting part of your life?

The best way to get started is to align yourself with someone who has built from the ground up.raw3 sunday 016  Someone who has struggled to learn parts of this online business-building.  Someone whose mission it is to present you with options, and then get to know you well enough to help you map out the path to your destination… and Success!

You know, I’m a bit of statistics junkie.  Partly because I find it hilarious how people skew statistics to back any argument… but also because, if you really do your homework, they can be an impressive way to present facts.

Facts like “more than half of boomers (54%) have started or considered starting a small business prior to retirement (15% and 39% respectively).

Facts like “the top reasons boomers consider starting their own business before retiring include being their own boss (58%), having the opportunity to make more money (53%) and having a sense of personal achievement or pride (50%).”

These statistics come from a TD Canada Trust survey of a couple of years ago.

RAW3 043It appears I’m a statistic!  I love being this statistic!  and I invite you to be a statistic with me!  with me and a whole bunch of other people who are creating dream businesses online, creating a legacy that makes their families proud, re-creating retirement dreams that they thought lost forever!

I just used the word legacy.  I mentioned my children up the page.  My girls tell me regularly how proud they are of me!  My son once referred me to his buddy who was contemplating an online endeavour!  That’s huge!  They want me to become massively successful so they know it’s in their genes!

Well, I work in my jeans most of the time but huge success is more about work ethic and mindset.  I have to say, though, that both of those are learnable traits too!  I’m sure genes come into play somewhere… but they certainly aren’t the crutch you can use to avoid creating You, Inc!

What else can I tell you?

Let me see, I love driving my fun car in the summer.  She’s a ’66 Corvair… not pretty but she’s a work in progress Cory2(like me!).  I had a beauty of a car before I moved here, but she went under cover for a few years while I was spending most of my energy on Mother and, when I uncovered she had rust in places that made her just too unsafe to drive.  So my car buddies found me another body (crikey! the jokes I get around that comment!) and we moved my engine and transmission over to the new body and my new car purrs like a wild cat.  There’ll be some cosmetics in her future sometime and then, Look out!

I also ride motorcycle – an ’81 Honda SilverWing.  She was my 47th birthday present to myself and I love the feel of being out on the bike on a sunny day!  The smells, the sights… so many things you miss in a car.  Plus the camaraderie!  there are so many women riding nowadays!

IMG_0270I share my home with a crazy dog who I really do believe thinks she’s a human.  You’ll meet her in this video series.  She spent her first few years living here with her litter mate sister so didn’t grow up as quickly as she should have.  She sure is good company though!

I love being fit!  it’s the getting fit that is such hard work as I get older though!  I slowed down quite a bit when I started moving at the speed of a 90-year old mother.  I didn’t speed up when my grandson came along because we had to look at every rock, and pace back and forth through every puddle when we were out.  I’m paying the price now… but still keep trying!


So that’s my story in a really big nutshell!

If you want to learn more about this journey watch Video 2 now.  Click here.

Whether we do business together or not, I truly do wish you a happy, successful retirement!

Best wishes always,





Agnes Knowles