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A few months ago, I decided I was ready to enter a fairly serious blog-site competition on-line. Called the Top50 MLM Blog Competition, it has attracted the cream of the proverbial crop in the 5 years since its inception.

I was a little hesitant, with it being my first year, as I rarely promote any MLM on my website. If you decide to work with me though, it’s one of the business models I endorse.

This year a number of industry leaders were nominated by the organizers so I knew my competition would be fierce. I could do nothing except be me, however, so I applied.

The competition ended in December and it has been quite the wait, wondering about the placements of the almost 200 contestants. Fast forward to earlier this week and I was blown away by the results!

My blog, THIS blog, placed 19th! not only in the top half of the pack, but also ahead of some pretty serious bloggers in this on-line space.

Excited doesn’t quite do justice to the elation I felt when I saw my placement.

Developing an on-line business is work. But I love this space so much that I can honestly say it has never occurred to me that I wouldn’t succeed.

It’s a “feather in my cap” to receive this sort of endorsement though, in an international competition; it reinforces my WHY and turbo-charges all the work I am doing behind the scenes.

So! stay tuned, Readers, the next few months will see some pretty big developments here at agnesknowles dot ca. I spend next weekend ‘in camera’ with my most influential mentor and she has promised me workload and critique that only a determined entrepreneur will survive!

Haha, ok, I made up that last part… but she is a task-master – just one of the reasons I love her!

Anyways, you now have an explanation about the badge to the right of this post. It’ll be staying there for a while… I’m pretty proud of it!