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How often have you shared a funny or meaningful picture on Facebook, or Pinterest, or by email? It just seemed to capture something that you identified with, or found funny, or perhaps touched your heart.

You, my readers, have responded quite favourably to my Weekend Wisdom!

You may or may not notice that there is often a URL posted immovably on the picture, and every time someone Shares the picture, they are broadcasting someone else’s genius.

How would you like to be The Genius? How would you like to take your inspirations and create a meaningful picture quote that could get shared thousands of times across the internet? And get your web address, or your name, sent through the WorldWideWeb for free?

One of my newest on-line friends is Joe. He contacted me out of the blue a few months ago because he had seen some of the picture quotes I had created using only PowerPoint designs or my own pictures. He asked me to beta his new business and the rest, as they say, is history!

Joe’s business has continued to develop; he responds to each of my ideas, requests, whines and never laughs at my outlandish ideas!

In Joe’s own words: “You’ve seen the potential in how the messages you share can move people towards action, connection, and closer to their destinations. You’ve seen how one person can change how a person feels in that moment, minute, hour, or day. Our website, Chisel, will help you amplify that. Ever since we have been “digitized” our messages have started to lose their emotional touch. No more handwritten letters. No more crazy scrap book collections. Just quick text messages and photos. We set out to change that.”

“An image alone is worth a thousand words, but an image with words magnifies those words tenfold. It’s like a laser shot into a person’s inner psyche and desire. A message you make using Chisel can inspire and connect to your audience on a deeper level. Each image you create has a shot to get them to relate and make their own meanings depending on where they are in life. “

Here it is:

Completely free, and an absolute blast! You can be as creative as you wish with just a few clicks!

Paste your favourite quote (or your own awesome thoughts) onto a page, search for the perfect picture, add your URL and Share! (oh, and don’t forget to give correct credit for borrowed quotes! that part is really important!) I tend to spend a few hours at a time at Joe’s site, create a dozen picture quotes and then save them to a file on my computer. That way I can up-load thoughts when I choose to either my FB profile page or my business FanPage. I also love being able to create unique and professional pictures for some of my blog posts.

In closing I will admit one small truth. I have created dozens and dozens of picture quotes at UseChisel. Spectacular pictures get acknowledgement; children and animals get lots of Likes and Shares; to date it was a picture and a quote about a chicken crossing the road that was viewed by thousands and got the most Shares! Go figure!