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I was reviewing some of my posts on my FaceBook fan page ( last evening and came across this video:

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I found this story particularly heart-warming the first time I came across it… Many of us have “bucket lists” and within these pages I have talked of “regrets“, “roses” and plans for retirement.

More recently I discovered this article:  As a boomer, I can certainly identify with the aspiration to have my own business – although my goal is to enhance my retirement, not delay it. I found one statement interesting, however: “Their top concerns include the challenge of obtaining credit and fears of taking on more debt, along with whether they would be successful.”

If you have the same dream as the 54% of respondents to the survey, I seriously recommend you check out a bit more of my web-site here. Several reasons:

  • An on-line business is hugely rewarding
  • An on-line business can have minimal start-up costs
  • You will probably have to learn some new skills anyways so learning how to take a business on-line is just part of the process
  • An on-line business can reach a much larger audience than a brick-and-mortar business
  • The maintenance cost of an on-line business is completely controllable
  • There is far less pressure to have to succeed in a short time frame.
  • If you find what you are offering isn’t quite what your audience is looking for, adjustments are easier to make
  • If you are stressed about your ability to succeed, you can work around your regular job until you are comfortable leaving it.
  • It is probably far easier to diversify your offerings on-line than in a brick-and-mortar business.

I could probably go on here for several more bullet points, but you no doubt get the picture.

If you are part of that 54%, I encourage you now to send me a message: – all the information parts of my journey are yours for the asking. And you will not spend any money until you are ready to.

What have you got to lose?