Have You Ever Made A BAD Decision?

It’s so easy to look back and know when a decision may have been a good one or bad one… but in this video I reframe those BAD decisions…


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Be A Logger!

As you develop yourself online, it’s really important you keep track of the trainings you attend.  I explain in this video:


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Here’s the Log I created for you.  Click to download:

Training Log




Are You A Pre-Ree? (3)

Pre-Rees are people who know they want to, need to, or should retire, and have started at least thinking about what that life would look like!

Are you a Pre-Ree?


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Advice For Entrepreneurs About Your “Inventory”

Here’s some advice for entrepreneurs, both new and seasoned: business inventory isn’t always physical items. Do you realize how much “stuff” you have accumulated on the internet for your business? Will your executor know how to find it and what to do with it if you get hit by a bus?

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Do You Have Preconceptions About An Online Business?

“This summer challenge your preconceptions and experience a Cadillac for yourself.”

I heard that line on the tv last night.

Now I don’t have much interest in Cadillacs, so I don’t really have “preconceptions”. (Well, I don’t have much interest in Caddys unless you want to buy me that pink Cadillac from Pink Cadillac!!)

The advertisement did get me thinking, however, about all the preconceptions around having an online business.

082613_0457_LikeWHATAre1.jpgThe comments I get most center around money. When we don’t understand a medium we often assume it is going to be expensive. Take setting up a website for example: the average person believes it to be a complicated process that can be done only by a highly trained technician. Highly trained technicians = mega-dollars.

Not any more!

I was surprised to get asked if the businesses were legal! This is my business, and yours would be your business. I make a point of staying on the right side of the law; what you do with your business is entirely up to you but each and every one of my colleagues have reputations they care about and they do due diligence with every new venture.

Another preconception many people have is that online businesses are all multi-level marketing companies (MLMs). Most of the MLMs I am acquainted with are completely legal with high-quality products. A number of my colleagues have built online businesses around their MLM products. But there are many other businesses you can create online without finding an MLM.

Here’s another one: Do you believe that you will create a business and then have to harass your family and friends to be your first customers? If you are going to do that, why go online at all? Once online, you learn some basic marketing skills, and you have the entire world-wide web to advertise to! You don’t even need to mention your business to your family or friends until you are hugely successful!

Those are the 4 most prevalent preconceptions I bump into in my world.

Do you have any preconceptions about online businesses? Let me know and I’ll try to cover them in future posts!

Finding The Right Mentor

I’ve started a large marketing campaign for a product I love. The ad platform I’m using targets the urls I specify.

Needless to say, this means I’m doing a lot of research. The “litmus test” I’m using to qualify a url for targeting is their Alexa rating*.

blog picBecause I’m digging quite deeply into content, links and endorsements, etc. I’m discovering some interesting new leaders in this online community. By “new” I mean, new to me – they’ve been online, training successfully, for years. They have a massive number of dedicated followers!

This got me to thinking how we can get into a bit of a rut with our own training.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I love my mentor, and can’t imagine ditching her for another. But, in discovering all these new mentors I’m getting some interesting, and useful, new views on subjects I thought I was knowledgeable about, and learning new ideas pertaining to those subjects.

I realize now I had fallen into the “comfortableness” of an old marriage!

The point I am trying to make here is that once you find a mentor, don’t think you can’t keep dating!! This is NOT a traditional marriage! The more viewpoints you have about the subjects pertinent to your business, the better-rounded you will be in both your advancement and your own offerings.

I will add a rider here that I don’t think you should be hopping from one mentor to another! Pick a horse and ride it, so to speak. If you hop from mentor to mentor, you are regularly starting over with your processes and that’s a waste of time. and often money.

If you’ve been online for a while, I’m curious how many mentors you have followed, and are following.


Am I jumping the gun here talking about mentors?  Not sure what you want to do on line, let alone who will mentor you?  Learn more about your entrepreneurial style by clicking the button!




* Alexa rating: http://www.avangate.com/avangate-resources/article/alexa-ranking.htm



Are You A Pre-Ree? (2)

Pre-Rees are people who know they want to, need to, or should retire, and have started at least thinking about what that life would look like!

Are you a Pre-Ree?


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Can You Unlearn Quickly What Took Time To Learn?

The title of this post refers to one of the biggest on-going issues I have with my online business.

blog picI was in the work force off and on for approximately 40 years. The last 20+ of that was in positions where I needed to write, file reports, document activities… and as I advanced in my chosen field I wrote Policies & Procedures, articles, training information…

I had always enjoyed writing, but I definitely refined my business “tone” and the appearance of my documents.

With my online business and this blog, I now need to write in a more conversational tone and keep my information sharing and educational pieces more casual and friendly. The last thing I want to do is sound like I’m talking at you!

Getting on top of that professional tone has been a struggle. Learning to say “I’m” instead of “I am” and “can’t” instead of “can not”… “it’s” and “you’re”…

My mentor scolds me that I am not an English teacher, I am not writing formal documents for the powers that be… and see, there you go! I did it again – “I am, I am” is allowed to be “I’m” and “I’m”.

I talk that way. When I’m talking it’s usually with a friend or a colleague, a family member… and I talk casually. But put me on a keyboard with a document open, and I’m back in Professional mode as though I’m writing Policy and Procedure for Head Office!!

I find it so frustrating!

But I shall persevere! and one day the contractions will flow off my fingers like the casual conversation I just had with my good friend and colleague who’s visiting this week!

In the meantime, I will con…. I’ll continue to proof read my writing and correct what I catch and laugh at myself that, after three proof-reads, I still missed one or two!!

oh, and I’ll hope you’ll excuse me if I sound like an English teacher from time to time!!