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I kind of left you hanging yesterday with the question:

How much knowledge about building a website do you currently have?

Let’s back up a bit and address a simpler question I sometimes get.

What is a blog?

This short video is one of the best explanations I have found:



Now that we have that out of the way, let’s continue.

Do you have any knowledge about building a website? Are you technically inclined? Do you learn quickly? Are you confident you could tackle the job with a bit of instruction? If I just heard a bunch of yeses, I’ll come back to you in a minute.

If you are really thinking the prospect of creating a website yourself just might be the rain on your parade, you are in the right place. I was pretty bold when I got started. I mean, how tough can it be? I had just joined THE hottest training team in online marketing and they supplied a full set of instructions. I was in tears and spitting nails within 24 hours. This whole on-line business building was taking a serious new look as I had jumped in with both feet financially, I wanted to get things happening… and I couldn’t even follow the web building instructions. This did not bode well.

On playing one of the modules for the 24th time, I heard the instructor say that if I wanted some help, he could do the design for a small fee. I felt I didn’t have any choice. I also felt like a dolt.

Fast forward now 6 months… and I am realizing that the more I build out my ElderCare blog, the more I realize my heart is leaning in a slightly different direction. I do have more knowledge and confidence now however, so I follow my heart.

I buy a bigger blog building course and jump in. LOST!!!

I hear about a young man with an amazing blog building course in short bite size modules and I lay out more cash. Way Better!! for a while.

Let me digress now and explain that I feel I’m a fairly bright cookie. I’ve always learned fairly quickly and I pride myself on being a detail person. I was taking it very personally that my brain did not seem to have any capacity for tackling what should be a straightforward step-by-step procedure. But I’ve also learned you can’t argue with indisputable fact.

I hired a team-mate that did web design and fit my needs. A smart woman with a proven track record, and I was keeping my dollars in Canada. She took my sad attempts at web design and created exactly what I was looking for. Her fees were reasonable and she always seemed to have time for me, never once telling me I must be a simpleton or that I was wasting her time! I finally had my online real estate and could start to develop it out. YAY!!!

Over the last year and some Lorraine and I have become friends. She has gotten used to me messaging her for this and that. or to fix something I was sure I could manage by myself. She’s pretty polite, but I can imagine what she thought of my technological bent. or lack of same.

Actually I didn’t have to imagine. One day I got an email from Lorraine explaining she had created a blog-site building course and I seemed like the obvious choice to beta test it. I knew she meant I was probably the single most techno-challenged person she knew. If I could create a website with her course, it would be a hit.

Tell me what you think:  J Happy Dance!!! I created a website!

So it is with the utmost confidence that I can recommend Easy PZ WP if you want to build your own website and don’t feel you are the tech-guru you might need to be!  Lorraine just offered us a wicked deal… if you head over there soon (click HERE) and enter the coupon code AGNES (easy to remember!!) you get 50% off!! and it appears she is leaving her bonuses in the deal!!! It is so nice to know people in high places!! J

The biggest bonus is that you’re moving along in a productive direction and have not spent that much money at all!!!

Now then, back to you readers who feel confident in your technical prowess. You have several choices at this time: you can buy the course and zoom along, beating everyone to the finish line; or you can drop by GoDaddy and purchase your domain name and get started.

There is a lot to consider in a domain name and you may want to check out the article I wrote on the subject.

Tune in tomorrow as I continue along the road to On-Line!!