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This blog post is Day 1 of a blogging challenge I have entered.

Actually it’s Day 1 for two separate challenges I have entered.

And I’m feeling the pressure.

I entered the 1st because I have done a challenge with our host and her followers before. They were friendly, responsive and I enjoyed the camaraderie.

I entered the 2nd because it is hosted by my coach and mentor and I know probably just about everyone who will enter – it’s like a family affair!

The 1st challenge puts my work out in front of new eyes from around the world. My goal is to be eloquent enough to make them want to comment on my posts every day for 30 days and hopefully stay tuned in when the challenge is over.

The 2nd challenge puts my work on view for other on-line entrepreneurs (global) who might know me personally, but most have certainly had to wade through my smart-ass comments within our team pages and webinars. I want to be able to engage them too, in the comments section.

Is the pressure on me real or perceived?

Probably a bit of both.

My readers in the 1st challenge have no expectations of me… but you know what they say: you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

My readers in the 2nd challenge know I have been around these parts for a while now. Will they have expectations of me? I’m not sure but it is important to me that they believe I offer value within my business and my posts.

So WHY, you might ask, would I put myself out there when I could chug along quite happily never knowing whether I was making a ripple or not, let alone what size it was!


Ha Ha, I’m a Johnny Depp fan and just realized I can actually use the quote I found earlier!!

JD said: “I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face.”



That’s pretty much my reasoning! Except that falling flat on my face is not an option!

I know that these challenges bring out the best work ethic in me! I think. I organize. I research. I go back to very foundations of why I am on-line… and try to produce content that speaks to very person I want to direct my message to.

Is that you? I’m not sure but I’ll find out in the comments section. Maybe not today, but sometime over the next 30 days.

Challenges… challenging ourselves… is what not only tests our mettle, but pulls our very best effort out into the air.

You can have all the excuses you want:

  • I’m not ready;
  • the others are so good;
  • I don’t have time;
  • why start when I probably can’t finish.

But the one thing I have learned is that

  • you’ll never know if you are ready until you give it your best shot!
  • The others may be good, but there’s a chance you are just as good and, Hey! You may even be better!
  • There is one chore that can go undone for a bit longer so you can find time.
  • And how will you ever know what you may or may not finish until you Start!

So go out and challenge yourself!

  • Challenge yourself to Start, and Finish!
  • Challenge yourself to be better today than you were yesterday, and even better tomorrow!
  • Challenge yourself to Surprise Yourself!
  • Challenge yourself to Succeed!


“I challenge you to make your life the masterpiece you want to paint, the novel you want to read, the day you want to wake to.” – Toni Sorenson