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If you’re like more than half the Baby Boomers in Canada, you’ve probably considered starting your own business – maybe you already have!

There’s a really great reason considering that our retirement dreams got slapped pretty hard in 2008… some of you I have talked to started your losing streak in 2001 when the dotcom bubble burst!

Being an entrepreneur provides three huge benefits for Boomers!

First, Financial Freedom: You set your financial goals, and then you work toward them! Yes, it’s work… and a learning curve… and some investment… but Heck! we’ve lived through parents, and children, and marriage breakdowns, and unfulfilling careers – what’s a bit more focused exertion when Financial Freedom is in the crosshairs?

And I often say that investing in myself is a safe bet because I have insider information!

Second, Time Freedom: Can you imagine setting your own work hours around your grandchildren, or your volunteering, or your garden? and I mean really seeing yourself, in your clothing of choice, saying the most convenient time for me to work today is __-__? It’s a pretty sweet thought, isn’t it?

(I’ll be honest with you – I love my online business so much, some days I work longer days than I did when I had a job!!)

Third, Doing Things: One of my favourite holidays was taking my three (then) teenagers to Disneyland. It turned into a comedy of errors but that just improves the tale-telling. It’s made me want to take my grandson, though, and follow that up with trips to Drumheller, or Niagara Falls or The Maritimes, buying a bigger vehicle as more grandchildren come along! A good friend of mine loves traveling alone because she never has to compromise, and she loves the people she meets along the way.

What do you want to do that your job and your finances get in the way of?


Now I know there are some of you who may be thinking “That sounds great, Agnes, but I don’t have a clue what kind of business I could possibly start.” Well, déjà vu! that’s exactly what I said!

So, because I knew you’d say that, I put together a simple but powerful quiz that will give you great insight into what sort of entrepreneur you are. Bottom line, your business has to suit your personality!

What’s your entrepreneur style?

Click the link below and find out!