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OK, it happened again last night!!!

This morning I was sleeping soundly in my bed when the alarm went off. I got up, hit the coffee-maker and opened my laptop to check my email.

There it was!! An email telling me I had earned money in the night while I slept. There truly is no better way to start your day!!!

This is happening more and more these days and it is so nice to not know which of my income-producing endeavours will be paying off during the night.

In the on-line business space this is called “multiple streams of income”. I have several different irons in the fire and they pay me at a variety of different commission levels. It can add up to a very respectable, even lucrative income.

On-line can be as stable or unstable as you let it be. If you throw your heart and soul behind one company, you might be in a canoe without a paddle if anything happens to that one income source.

It is so easy, however, to expand out your resource list, and which products/services you wish to endorse/promote. It is very important that you only promote products/services you know well enough to discuss… you don’t want to throw your endorsement at some company/product that leaves your readership going “Hunh??”

This is another example of that concept of congruency.

Or as my mentor suggests… a confused buyer leaves.

If you decide to throw weight-loss, web-site building and water-aeration at a client, they are going to ask, “Whatever are you all about?” You cannot be all things to all people. Confused buyers leave. (oh, did I say that already?)

Anyways, as you start your business, promote that which easily or quickly presents itself as being in alignment with your business. It is amazing what comes your way as you develop your business. You’ll turn down a few opportunities, you’ll avoid a few offers, but if you stay your course, you will find enough opportunities to promote within your business that you too will regularly wake up to the email that says “You earned $$$XXX yesterday!”

It is so exciting!

It is still exciting!!!