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Recently I had a surprise encounter with Russell Brunson!
















For those of you who are wondering who Russell Brunson is, his bio tells us he was an internet millionaire within one year of finishing college. He still looks like he is too young to go to college but rumour has it he’s early-30s now, married with children. As for that first million, he has turned it into significantly more millions so getting up close and personal with him is quite a treat! Fortunately for me, my mentor does business with him and she invited him in to meet with us and share some insights, some advice, and some stories.

He started by explaining to us how, with the support of an understanding wife, he was able to pursue his dreams of an internet career right out of the gates after he finished college. His education was technical, so he decided to sell software on-line and presumably create a software empire.

He did his homework and, perhaps because of his youth, came up with a corral of cool and exciting software to market. He then signed in to his favourite domain purchase company and started plugging in any variation and permutation of names he could think of, hoping something suitable yet unique would be available. Finally he hit on the one he decided was perfect! His products were all pretty exciting, and they were software so what better name than “excite-ware”? He waited for his to wife to come so he could share the news.

Finally she walked in the door and he told her the perfect name for his new website.

She looked him in a most puzzled fashion.

Now when someone tells you a story, as opposed to you reading it, some things are quite clear.

It was at this point in the story that the women in the room burst into laughter! Yes, without reading “excite-ware”, we were hearing “excite-wear” and that sounded like lingerie to us too!

After Russell’s wife explained the association, Russell decided he really didn’t want to deal with that sort of confusion and came up with another name.

For me, however, it really hit home that if an internet guru like Russell Brunson can have that sort of tunnel vision, I had better keep my on-line colleagues close so they can catch any faux pas that I make in my business building!

Something for you to remember too, if you are going to make strides as a solopreneur.

A good lesson to learn, in my opinion!