Everybody Has their Price – Here’s Mine

2013 was my year to get my business to “flourishing” stage. My mantra has been “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” And as the year progressed, I was living my life like most people won’t… 6 hours sleep was a good night; webinars and accountability check-ins were common activities; every single lunch hour at my paid employ was spent on my laptop, I could go months without entering the staff room; and weekends might have been days off from that paid employ but they just meant full work days on my business. I will admit to some weight gain, but that was the price I was willing to pay.

So what in the world could make me back away for over a month?

Well, one day came the request, and the opportunity, to take care of my grandson for five weeks. He’s three years old and my only grandchild.

Three years old. Now he is just about the best little boy you could imagine. No, I am not biased. For a little guy who was without his mommy for the first time ever, he was agreeable, cooperative, helpful, a real joy! His only sad times were at bedtime when he wanted his last cuddle to be his Mommy.

The decision I made was to pay a price that only four people in the world would warrant. I put my business on the back burner so my grandson could have all the attention he needed to get through a month without his Mommy. I have a number of immovable commitments in my life and this new one meant each day ended exhausted, but I was happy. I recognized the gift I had – five weeks as primary caregiver for the most important little man in my world!

Those five weeks are now drawing to a close. While I recognize the momentum I have lost, the reason means no regrets. My focus now is to get back in the saddle, get up to speed and make up for the down time. I have been lurking on my training websites so I am not completely out of the loop, but I know I have my work cut out for me.

I have committed to a blogging challenge for one month to force my hand. Today I printed off several chapters of my favourite training and that binder will be my constant companion. Webinars are back on the calendar, and my accountability partners have been warned – they will be on me daily (I know them)!

So… here I am, right back where I started from… living a few years of my life like most people won’t, so that I can spend the rest of my life like most people can’t.

Join me!! It’s worth the price!


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22 Responses to Everybody Has their Price – Here’s Mine

  • Hi Agnes

    I can understand. I have 3 boys under 4 and I work part time from home..Pretty much in the day when they are in school and at night when they sleep..it can be challenging…

    The boys ..are…well..boys..they like annoying each other…fighting with each other and more often than not tears are somewhere involved…

    I don’t think I would have it any other way.



    • Yes, I was the mother of three, William. I thought it would be easier, but being a grandparent is different. and that’s a good thing! 🙂

  • Oh Agnes,

    I love your spirit! I, too, have had to take steps back in order to put my grandchild first for weeks at a time. I will never regret “lost” time in business because I have those precious moments recorded in my heart forever!

    I wish you the best as you gain speed in the 30-day blogging challenge! I look forward to hearing more of your stories! 🙂
    Susan Schiller recently posted…Combat PTSD with a Cup of Kombucha TeaMy Profile

    • Susan, I used to think my children were a gift, but grandchildren are amazing. and I am so pleased at the timing of this challenge as it throws me right back in to the mix!!

  • Agnes, I agree, family comes first. That was wonderful that you could help your daughter out so long.
    Best wishes with the challenge.
    Debbie recently posted…Learn something about Me.My Profile

  • Agnes – I love this! I would give up anything for my girls. But, then again, my job and building my business are for them — to spend more time with them … eventually. I can imagine you had a great time with your grandson though!
    Carol recently posted…3 Ways To Research Your Target MarketMy Profile

    • The house is very quiet tonight and I almost turned on Toopy and Binoo just so I could sing along! I knew something would have to give in order to be the best gramma I could, and all my other commitments include warm bodies… but I’m back in the saddle today!!

  • Hi Agnes – Such a generous thing to do for your daughter so that she could get settled. I am sure your grandson had a great time being entertained by Grandma Agnes for five weeks, he is a very lucky little chap! Wonderful to have you back in the saddle again. I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts thoughout this challange.
    Helen Willsher recently posted…The Golden Hour of SuccessMy Profile

  • Hi Agnes
    Good to meet you here.
    Like you I have a grandson and I had the opportunity to look after him whist his sister was in hospital. He was so much fun but missed his mum, dad and sister.
    Having grandchild is one of the most special relationships that I believe you can have you can enjoy them, lead them astray and then hand them back. lol
    I know that my relationship with my own grandparents was very important to me.
    Loved reading
    Kerris recently posted…My 30 Day Blogging ChallengeMy Profile

    • Thanks for dropping by, Kerris! I was very close to both my Grammas, too. It set the stage for the type of Gramma I want to be!

  • AK! This is one of the things I love and admire about you…you have a big heart and a fierce heart, always standing firm for family! I’ve certainly learned this year that tomorrow is never promised, so keeping family first is something you can never regret…I know how hard you’ve worked on your business and I think it won’t be long before you’re burnin’ and churnin’ again! Xo
    Eryn McCormick recently posted…10 Minutes To Create Your Next Landing Page?My Profile

    • Eryn! My tale about 5 weeks with a three year old is easy peazy compared to the months you spent sleeping in a hospital room chair to support your beautiful daughter!! So glad you’re part of “the family’!!

  • I can understand how tiring it is. I have been there, done that and got the T shirt but at the end of the day you can hand them back, although sometimes my teenage grandchildren often want to stay the night. We love them no matter what and they are definitely more important than that laptop or desktop. Great article.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…30 Day Blog Challenge With [Beth Hewitt]…….My Profile

    • I didn’t get to hand him back at the end of the day, Merle and so it was very strange being back in my own bed last night instead of in a spare room near him! Strange… but lovely!! 🙂

  • My sons are 3 and 1 so I can understand the amount of energy it takes! Good for you for prioritizing. Now let’s get you back to work 😉 I look forward to reading your Challenge posts.
    Liz Wright recently posted…I’m So Excited!My Profile

  • Hi Agnes,

    I believe you made the right decision and I commend you for it. Good luck on the blogging challenge and success on your business!

  • Hi Agnes,

    What a lovely heartfelt story. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. I am sure you will cherish your 5 weeks with your grandson and I am sure you could make one or two blog posts out of that time too 🙂 We can learn so much from our children and grandchildren.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you better, good luck in challenge

    Beth 🙂
    Beth Hewitt recently posted…Be Consistent: Be SeenMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for hosting the challenge, Beth. It was perfect timing for me and I am already so impressed with the engagement of your participants!

  • Hi Agnes,
    What a touching story. In the final analysis, it is loved ones that matter the most.
    And I am sure you feel much better about yourself by putting loved ones before business.
    Looking forward to interacting with you in the next 30 days.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…PUSH TOWARDS “NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS”My Profile

  • I used to do that – spend 60-80 hours a week or more on my own business, while working a full-time job. I’m glad you got to take some time off, but hopefully you can find a better balance moving forward. I’ve found that every time I go back to my 24-hour work week, my sales increase substantially, and that’s even when I don’t have an assistant to take care of all of those little nagging things that need to get done. It’s about doing income-producing tasks first. Good luck!
    Amethyst recently posted…How to Search FacebookMy Profile

  • What a wonderful post Agnes. It looks like that moment of just being with our Blessings far outweighs any other activity. Nuff Respect to you to have taken this Step. I tend to make a few “Special Moment ” videos so when they’re not around they’re still there and this despite us all living together in one big House 🙂
    Gertraud Walters recently posted…Whatever happened to “Good Morning?”My Profile

    • Gertraud, your video idea is a great one! This past Spring I was getting used to making videos for my biz and actually caught him on video several times. and yes, I do find myself having a peek just for the smile factor. 🙂

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