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It’s November 11th today and I thought it apropos to write an article about remembering.

While we have all been affected by war – fortunately for most of us, only indirectly – that sort of Remembering and Respect-paying is personal and not where I am going with this post.

Do you remember why you started an on-line business? Do you remember what message you wanted to share?

I remember that I was really peed off about what had happened to my RRSPs and what the economy had done to the value of my home. I had made huge changes in my life giving up a career and a home to create the life I was living, but I had done it for honourable reasons: to care for my aging and dementing mother – so I felt betrayed that it had all come back to bite me.

I remember that when my new mortgage came up for renewal, my broker said I would have to suck up the renewal rates because she had gotten me one mortgage with no job, she couldn’t do it a second time. Took me eight weeks to secure a job and a signed contract for supplemental income! I got my better mortgage rate.

I remember sitting in my bed one Sunday morning with my pot of coffee and my laptop Googling who knows what for an on-line opportunity I could fly with. I knew there was income potential on-line but I had no idea what that looked like or how to find it.

I remember discovering Ann Seig, hearing her story and finally believing I had found someone who understood my story.

And I remember getting more and more involved with Ann’s Renegade Team and feeling like I could not only build a business on-line, but create something unique for the group of people I could speak best with.

Finally, I remember building out my and slowly realizing that the bigger issue for other women caring for aging parents was not the “how-to” but the “how-to-survive-it-financially” – and this website and this business was born.

Recently my peers voted my elevator speech the best in the room and here it is: “I work with pre-retirement women who are wondering what the hell happened to their retirement plans. I coach and provide the tools to help them develop an on-line business so they can create their own income and retire sooner than later – and live the retirement they dreamed of before the economy tanked.” A little rough around the edges? Yup, and so am I!

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t remember WHY I’m on-line. My goal is to make a comfortable retirement for myself, but my bigger goal is to be a trail-blazer for other women who have made choices for their loved ones at the expense of their own future finances. I want comfort and security, but I want to bring as many like-minded women with me as I can!!

Today I have decided to remember my journey, and I’d like to thank those of you who are travelling this road with me.

What is your reason for being on-line? It can be a message, it can be money, it can be a calling – they are all right answers.

Please leave a comment below and remember your WHY for being on-line and building your business.