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Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  1. You’re not completely happy in your job and you seriously dislike the time constraints it places on your life. Plus you’re not living the lifestyle you want.
  2. You wish you could quit or retire and find something that would pay you nicely for doing something that you really want to do.
  3. You’ve seen all the ads for working online – maybe you know someone who is – but you don’t know where to start because you know you’re not that tech-savvy and you know the price of hiring someone to create a website and do all that online “stuff” is way beyond your means.
  4. Sometimes you’re tempted to click on one of the ads you see but you’re concerned your in-box going to get royally spammed.
  5. Sometimes you imagine winning the lottery and dream about how that would change your life.
  6. You try to convince yourself those picture quotes that say “I don’t need money if I have my health and my family.” are right.
  7. If you have children, you’d like to have enough money to help them out, or treat them to a luxury or two.
  8. Every once in a while you get tired, really tired, of knowing you’re just another cog operating someone else’s gear-box.

How do I know these things?

Every one of those thoughts was mine… just a few years ago.

Here’s what I know is true:

  1. You spend a large chunk of your waking hours at your job. If you’re not happy, it’ll affect your health, possibly your mental health, sooner or later.
  2. Wishing gets you know where – you need to take action.
  3. There is not a single thing in life I was born knowing how to do except maybe breathe. I have mastered a kajillion things successfully and I can handle a few more.
  4. You can create a new email address specifically for random inquiries and information. The law also dictates that there is an “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of all mail you receive from marketers.
  5. “If you want your dreams to come true, the first thing you have to do is wake-up.”
  6. Currently our health is not guaranteed, so money is a good back-up plan; and I can create a lot of great memories with my family if I have money.
  7. Nothing is more rewarding than helping the people, and the causes, you love.
  8. See #1.

Here’s what else I know is true:

Let me make this easy for you:

For the month of January I am opening up a number of free 20-minute strategy sessions for you to take advantage of (one per person, please). No question is too basic; no idea too absurd – I want to knock down a few of the barriers you have built up about taking control of your income. The only thing I ask is that you come prepared with a few questions.

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