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OK, I’ll admit it. The title was all for effect!

That said, it does relate. It is prompted by a theme in David Bach’s books. David emphasizes that it is not so much how much you make (it’s not the size that counts!!) that might affect your ability to move toward financial freedom, it is how much of what you earn that you keep. If we make more money we tend to spend more money. When you get a raise do your savings also increase?

If you are paying off credit cards, do you get it done or do you maintain your coffee habit, your shoe habit, your movie habit? Except for some bank cards, most credit card companies are charging double digit interest rates. This can extend your payback timetable by years. I challenge you right now to go check your credit card statements (all of them) for the last year. Add up all the interest you paid for the dubious pleasure of using those credit cards for one year. Email me and tell me that number and tell me what you would rather have spent that money on.

I think the first thing you need to do is get rid of your credit card debt. You will probably need to reduce your spending in other areas but it is just so worth it. Follow this next link and look at Canada’s top public companies by profit. Five of the top ten are banks. Did you help them reach that ranking? Did anyone send you a thank you card?