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I’ve found a really comprehensive “digital lifestyle” training platform that I’m checking out before I recommend it to you.

I’m going through all the modules to make sure it delivers and can truly make the process of getting online understandable and manageable for even the least techno-savvy of you.

Yesterday there was some very interesting mindset work that I was working through and it brought to mind a lovely moment that I had sort of forgotten… but not really, as all the emotions came flooding back in a second!

If your financial situation is, or has been, anything like mine was between 2007 and 2013, you really think about how you spend your money and “luxury” purchases are carefully considered!

I was in Vancouver, bunking in at my daughter’s before a flight out early next morning for a training workshop in the States. It was a lovely summer afternoon and I was browsing the shops on Robson Street, mostly just window shopping and enjoying “the big city”!

I came to a shop my daughter used to work in and decided to venture in.

Now, several years earlier I had become acquainted with this shop because several women I knew loved the casual wear produced and the label had taken on quite a prestigious air. I certainly couldn’t afford the clothes so thought little more about it. After my daughter started working there though, she was allowed quite a sizeable family discount at Christmas so, after a couple of years, I had a number of pieces of clothing in my wardrobe, and had grown to love the quality, the fit, and the warranty.

Needless to say, a great pair of slacks caught my eye and I had to try them on. I loved them immediately and decided to buy them. I remember an internal chuckle realizing I was paying full price instead of opening an exciting Christmas gift.

As the clerk rang up my purchase and processed my credit card, I had a massive OMG! moment that I had not even checked the price tag!… because I didn’t need to check the price tag!

I’m not frivolous with my money. Never have been, and financial security does not change that.

However, yesterday, it was so nice being reminded of the epiphany that did, in many ways, represent the success of my online adventure.

Stay tuned for more thoughts as I work through this very promising platform!!



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