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Imagine this scenario:

You’re invited to an opening for an acquaintance who is incredibly talented. When you get there, the place is quite busy and there is a line-up of people wanting to talk with your acquaintance. You look around the room and realize you don’t know anyone. You’re prepared for this and have a few opening lines so you can talk with strangers.

You scan the room a second time and you see people of all different age groups and all genders; several people appear to have quite flamboyant taste in clothes, others are dressed conservatively; several groups are laughing loudly – they’ve been to the bar a couple of times; there are any number of two- and three-somes chatting together and there are the usual people-watchers, not engaged with others.


Who do you decide to approach to chat with? Please describe them out loud.


Why did you choose this person/these people?

Understanding why you chose who you did and why that could matter to your business is just one of the skills you’ll gain in “Sassy, Savvy & Successful at 60!” launching in the Spring of 2016.