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I’m not hanging around here much these days – hopefully you’ve noticed!

After I turned 60 I faltered.

It was like… Crap! What the hell is going on? I woke up that day with a complete and overwhelming feeling of doom.

I guess it’s the “big” ones that do the most damage to most people’s psyches… but I had always breezed through birthdays. In fact, I remain, to this day, immensely proud of the fact that the police raided my 50th birthday! (Not as exciting as it might sound – some neighbour decided that Barry White crooning at 9:45 p.m. was over the top!)

I woke up on my 60th birthday with the illuminating awareness that I now had less time moving forward than I had behind me. **Yes, even at 50 – I come from a long line of long livers – I felt I still had half my life left to live!

But at 60 I felt that I’d pissed away so many years, farting around, convincing myself I’d get there… wherever “there” might be…

My business ideas went flat, my motivation died.

Don’t get me wrong. I got out of bed, I continued to show up in my business, I kept moving the mouse around the monitor and my fingers around the keyboard. I was treading water, but that’s about all. I now know it’s called busy-work.

I am nothing if not a survivor, however… and I was determined it was a slump and I could ride the storm as long as I had some help.

I called on all the motivators who had helped me develop my business: Brendon Burchard, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani (yes, I am well aware that most of the motivators in this online space are men!) – I read their books and I watched their videos… they were sort of my lifeline to the world I wanted but had lost my footing on the path to.

I took up habits I had never tried before: I meditated, I scheduled, I posted affirmations on my walls, I accounted for my time and my wins, I journaled anything that looked like a success in my day. I posted positivity memes on Facebook daily.

And finally I felt myself coming out of my slump. The words of my motivators were becoming louder than the voices in my head. I started getting a response that was positive. I started hearing from other people who had had the exact same 60th birthday experience.

It was a relief to realize I wasn’t alone in my plight.

My path was set. My light had come on. I found my mission.

I couldn’t coach mid-life women to create something positive for themselves if they were in the doldrums. If they had settled for their lot in life, for their incomplete lot in life… if they had decided there was not enough time left to make their mark, to realize their dreams… then they wouldn’t care what I might be able to teach them about an online business.

I went back to my motivators. The other habit I didn’t mention was the fact that I read books with a highlighter in my hand. They’re my books and if something moves me, strikes a chord within me, then I highlight it.

I spent days and nights reviewing my highlights. I made notes and wrote down ideas, and I began to believe that my greatest work was not only still in my future, but also it would be a work greater than any of my earlier dreams, and that my 60s were the perfect (read obvious!) years to create it and bring it to you.

And now let’s talk about you.

Have you accomplished even a few of the hopes and dreams you had as a young woman?

Have you had the career of choice? If yes, was it the success you hoped for?

What else was in your high school yearbook?

∞ Did you travel?

∞ Did you marry the person of your dreams? Was it what you planned?

∞ Did you make a difference in someone’s life?

∞ Did you create something?

∞ Did you accomplish something?

My plan here is not to depress you! I want you to remember the high hopes you had way back when. AND, to the contrary of depressing you, I want to reignite that passion you had for your future!

Sure! Some people have the “perfect” life! Or appear to.

But most of us get caught up in the day-to-day reality of paying the rent, feeding the family, getting our asses out of bed each day… and this status quo that we never thought would happen to us becomes our life.

That’s okay! It’s the status quo for a reason! It is the reality, the life, of the majority!

I’m here, however, to tell you that it doesn’t have to be your life for the rest of your life!

If you have age-60 in the crosshairs, or even in the rear view… then this is the perfect time to recreate your life. You have a truckload of experiences to draw from that will help you decide what will be your desired route going forward!

Maybe you can’t see it yet. That was my reality! at first!

I had to spend months just treading water, clinging to motivational voices and words that seemed like my only lifeline. I spent hours listening to videos, reading and rereading books. And finally… remember what I said? The words of my motivators became louder than the voices in my head!

That’s what I will be for you! I am here to be your motivator, I have the necessary tools. All those theories, concepts, inspirations that I spent months researching, learning, collating and organizing are available for you here. I’ve done the heavy lifting. I’ve done the testing.

And you won’t be going it alone! You’ll have me on your personal team for 6 straight weeks! You’ll be part of a small group of equally determined and inspired women who share your dream of reconnecting with their conscious life, becoming vital again, being dynamic again, having passion for life again.

Sass & Savvy is designed for women on either side of 60. Women who can’t imagine the next 20 years being a repeat of the last 20 years. Women who won’t give in to their history, who know they still have a spark, a mission, a message for someone else the world!

Sass & Savvy has the tools to carry you forward for a full 365 days. It comes with a lifetime membership to an amazing community. It is your GPS to Growth, Passion {or Purpose} and Success {read: Satisfaction}.

All you need to do is show up, do the work, take charge.

Click the picture below and come check out my new home!