About Me

I want to tell you a bit about myself so you understand that I come from a similar place to the one you are currently in.  Let me introduce myself here.  



My name is Agnes Knowles and I’m the creator of AgnesKnowles dot ca.

I am, first and foremost, a mom and a gramma.  I have two daughters and a son, all amazing kids (I have to say that, they check out my website from time to time)!  They’re all adults now and scattered about the globe, but I’ll always drop everything and anything to spend some time on Skype with them.

I am, first and foremost, a Mom…

I have one beautiful grand-baby – a little boy who started school this year… I DON’T know where the time goes!!!

…and a Gramma

My full-time housemate is a wacky young dog who does, I think, truly believe she’s a human.  These days I really appreciate her – seems like she’s my primary source of exercise right now!

Nox... wacky house mate!

Nox… wacky house mate!

I’ve had a varied past:  spent some time in the bar business, the hotel business, retail market research… then when the children were small I was a stay-at-home mom and had a small home-based business.  As the children got older I morphed my business into a career in eldercare.  I ended up in management in Activation and it was at this time that I made the life-changing decision to completely change lanes – give up my home, my career and my life to move and take care of my aging mother in another town.  It was this decision that started me on the path to my on-line business and the reason I’m making this video for you today.

In case the leap from caring for Mom to having an on-line business is a stretch, let me explain.

That one decision, in 2007, changed my financial situation completely.  The world economy went into the tank, I lost a full 25% of my retirement savings, at the same time as I sold a lovely little home in my city and bought a larger home for my mother and myself in her town.  The housing market started to spiral downward, I didn’t have a job, I did have another home-based business but had to fold that as my mother’s dementia accelerated.

It was a pretty scary few years!

Finally Mom’s dementia reached a stage where I could no longer keep her at home safely and I placed her in care. 


right to the end, Mom enjoyed the grandchildren

I did, at this time, get back into the work force and made a few other income-earning adjustments to my life.  Then my daughter and her son came to live with me and I found myself, again, with dependents.  Life was pretty interesting, but it was certainly very cool watching my grandson grow up before my very eyes…. However… I wasn’t seeing any way to improve the bottom line on any of my retirement savings.  I was watching all my retirement dreams go out the window!

Is any of this sounding familiar?  The more women I talk with, the more common I realize this story is.

My solution has been to develop an on-line business.  It’s been quite the adventure!  But it’s been so much fun and I am now making enough money to supplement my income quite nicely, and this is only the beginning. 

I’m here to encourage you to do the same.  I’ve been down a few dead-end roads adapting to this environment and my intention is to save you those headaches (and money).

I belong to a team of on-line entrepreneurs who are learning this business from some of the best mentors out there… my favourite coach was a highly paid lawyer until she realized her business was more lucrative than her job… yup, just last year she fired her boss!!!  I plan on learning ALL her secrets!!

But back to You.  If any of my story sounds familiar… or interesting… I encourage you to stay tuned in to my blog.  I actually recommend you click the Contact link at the bottom of this page and tell me a bit about your story.  I believe this could be the opportunity you need to Reclaim Your Retirement Dreams.  It’s worked for me and I can help you get on track too.

Reclaim Your Retirement Dreams!!!

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