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My on-line journey as your potential coach and mentor is probably never-ending. As someone who loves getting really good at stuff (yup, I’m a classic Virgo) that is both a fun and exciting thought.

I was listening to an on-line class tonight (created and monitored by one of my most delightful mentors) that was discussing focus and unique selling propositions- USP, you’ll learn about this key component if you join me. She actually used me as an example of a person who knows exactly what they are offering and to whom.

When a mentor believes in you like that you sit up and earn her respect!

For years, a catch-phrase I used in my résumé was “I enable success”. As a manager it was important to me that my employees felt successful and supported. They were more confident in their abilities and also brought more to the department, knowing that they would be recognized and appreciated. I also made sure my supervisor was fully supported when he interacted with my department – he quickly learned that I encouraged respect and on numerous occasions he trusted me to be his copywriter. All behind-the-scenes support work, but I have the appreciative cards that tell me I was successful in my endeavours.

And here I am now, years later and in a totally different milieu, realizing that my slogan from years ago is standing the test of time.

I will enable your success.

I am well on my way to success here. But I want company. I like having like-minded friends. I appreciate people who know what they want and let me help them achieve that.

Sounds a bit like a CV, doesn’t it.