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Have you ever been to a live event? 1000s of people gathered together, excitement everywhere.

It might have been a sporting event, it might have been a grand opening or an unveiling, it might have been a national gathering of your MLM, maybe it was a rock concert.

The energy is palpable, the purpose is singular. Each and every one of those 1000s of people is there for a common reason and they cannot wait for the action to start!

And you are so excited to have all those 1000s of people there because you know the whole of the energy is far greater than the sum of its parts.


I go to live events fairly regularly. There is our local MusicFest every July that sells out 10,000 tickets; there was that amazing Elton John concert that I went to with my adult children; 6th row at a Bryan Adams concert was unbelievable. And each time the atmosphere was electric as people plugged into that energy and their own excitement rose even higher.


There are some other live events I go to regularly and the energy there is comparable. The best part of these live events is that all the participants gather on a Facebook page a month or so in advance – we chat and compare stories, get to know each other fairly well before we ever meet face to face. We are all attending the event for pretty well the same reasons so we tend to feed off each other and that increases the feeling of familiarity with the other attendees. We bring our own excitement to the group and as we get closer to the event date, we have become like old friends completely enthused about an exciting, supportive reunion. These are my Alive Events.

The remarkable thing about my Alive events is that the energy and excitement is generated by less than 100 people. The event I am currently preparing for will have 30 participants!

These Alive events are training weekends. All of the attendees are creating on-line businesses and the weekends are an opportunity to have face-time and one-on-one training with our coaches and mentors. Not only do we want to see huge advances in our own businesses, it becomes important to support our colleagues to advances in their businesses. Because we have had the lead time to become friends, our down-time during the weekend is spent together and the “shop-talk” continues through meal times and wine-bar evenings.

My up-coming Alive event is going to be amazing. Our mentor has prepared a “Pre-Event Workbook” so we can hit the ground running. She has listed the coaches who will be available to us so we can be ready with the most important questions to address our business. She has designated available times for personal interviews with the professionals so, again, we can be prepared to make the best of our weekend opportunities. I think she is doing as much if not more planning and homework than I am!

The purpose of my post today is many-fold.

Firstly, I want to encourage you to find a team with coaches who can ignite in you the sort of enthusiasm for your business, your training and your growth that my coaches ignite in me and my colleagues.

Secondly, I hope you see the value in sharing your journey with like-minded individuals. They share your commitment and your enthusiasm and help build the energy that makes training weekends so productive.

Finally, I would love to share my team with you. Not only would you be accessing great coaches, I would be there to help you create the business you want, and I know you would reap the same benefits from the team that I do… and that is definitely worth sharing!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you move your business forward and stay on the learning curve. Are you just starting out, are you up and running, or are you established and making a respectable income from your on-line business.

And… tell me about an Alive event you have attended recently!

(If you want to find out how to join with my stellar team and mentor, contact me Here. )