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This website has undergone a few modifications over the last year and a bit.  In one of its incarnations I had a teamwork page featuring the following video:


From the moment I first viewed this video, I loved it.  Perhaps the rowers caught my attention.  Some time ago I rowed quads and I will never, ever forget that breath-taking, ethereal moment when my team achieved perfect harmony.  We flew.  And it was so easy.  We were a team of mid-age women and one young man and, in competition, we consistently waxed teams of 4 strong young men because of our cohesion and our affinity for the job and each other.  Those moments epitomized teamwork.

I have often worked alone.  I put my nose down, I focus and I get the job done.

In this on-line space however, I am not in my milieu.  I have proven a slow-learner, sometimes even frustrated.  Until I found a team.  This team has skills up the wazoo; coaches who are leaders in their fields and always seem one step ahead of the ever-changing trends that are this on-line space.  They have been amazing and supportive and I could never have gotten where I am without them. 

With their encouragement I began to put my accomplishments forward for review.  It was a little scary at first, but after the first few reviews came in and they were either good or constructive, I realized how valuable many sets of eyes are on making something all it could be.  Granted you don’t always take all the advice, but many varied viewpoints give you a more comprehensive idea of what you want to create.

In participating in this big team, I have found other like-minded people.  I have bonded with some because we are Canadians.  Some of my new friends are sending their message to the same group of people as I am: pre-retirement women determined to have financial independence and we share ideas.  Others have the same work ethic and determination to succeed.  Sometimes it is as simple as a shared sense of haha.  There are many reasons why I have these new on-line friends.  And out of those friendships, smaller teams have emerged. 

In a small team, there is more accountability as each person shares their successes, their finished products, their growing business.  You want to keep the bar high so you perform well too.  As your team grows in skill and expertise, small interlocking partnerships are created.  These are called joint ventures and this is when the successes really flow.  You have heard the idiom “there’s no point in reinventing the wheel”.  When your colleague has a product or a skill that would work really well in your business and you have something that works well in theirs, the partnership becomes bigger than the sum of its parts.

This interlocking mosaic of business skills and products is the more that everyone achieves together.  More can be business acumen; more can be friendships and alliances; more can certainly be monetary gain.

Despite the fact that I have managed, and I have had successes, working alone, when it comes to building a business on-line, I really recommend joining a team.  There is so much to learn, and staying on top of trends can be a full-time job.  Learning all the skills from web design and branding yourself through to marketing and advertising would be overwhelming for most.  In a group much of this expertise will exist somewhere and each individual can leverage off the skills of team mates.  Along the way you will have found your own niche and have your own skills to offer.  It truly is win-win.

Enjoy the video and as soon as you are ready to regain control of your retirement (or perhaps you just want an nice sustainable income from an on-line business…) drop by my home page and sign in to get started on your road to fun, learning, camaraderie and financial success.

Do It!!