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What was the best vacation you ever had?

I can tell you what mine was. The year after I divorced I wanted a very special healing sort of holiday with my children. We went to Disneyland.

It certainly wasn’t my first choice but, during the planning, it suddenly became my only choice. My children, in their mid-teens, were thrilled!

As best laid plans are wont to do, it did, of course, become a comedy of errors. From delayed flights to lost luggage to disappearing return flights, it seemed every time we turned around, chaos was on our heels. But like Four Musketeers on the adventure of a lifetime, we kept our focus, we maintained our senses of humour, we utilized every moment of every day.

We rode every ride we could find (well, the children did); we discovered ESPN Zone and Legoland and posed with the REAL Mickey Mouse; we partied like besties at Y Arriba! (really! as long as I wore the parent wristband, the children were allowed in the bar!)

By the following summer household budgets and summer jobs were a reality and soon after that the children were grown and traveling the globe.

Within a few years, my life was changing lanes and the economy was wreaking its own sort of havoc on my life. Disneyland, to this day, remains one of my very best memories of family togetherness.

What do you do for holidays each year? Do you vacation or staycation?

I am the first to agree that a quiet week in my own home with not a single responsibility in the world is a lovely way to spend a week. A week.

If your answer was staycation, is it a choice or a necessity? What would you do for holidays each year if money was no issue? What would you do for holidays each year if money was no issue and you could work your own business from anywhere in the world?

Now that I have independence in the crosshairs… financial freedom is not just a pipe dream… I have BIG vacations on my mind.

I think I will take my laptop to New Zealand and work my business on the beach in front of my son’s bar – enjoying excellent food and New Zealand wines until my son asks me when my return flight is.

I think I will take my laptop to Spain and work my business in between visits with the out-laws and my daughter and her Spanish partner – until my readers start complaining that my blog posts are becoming unreadable as they sound a lot like Spanish.

And I know I am going back to Disneyland. And I really will try to work my business… in between adventures with my amazing young grandson and his mother. J

Now it’s your turn. What are your holiday dreams and is there seriously any chance you will see them to fruition?

Where do the favourite branches of your family live and how often do you get to see them?

What are the adventures you and your friends imagine over a glass of wine in an evening?

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