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Have you figured out what you would be able to blog about that would make you an expert in that field, or niche, as we call it?

If yes, you have the day off, and we can chat tomorrow!

If you are like I was and laugh self-deprecatorily at the thought anyone would consider you an expert, there are a few things I want you to do!

Dig out your resume! Yes, I’m serious and if you don’t have one that has been up-dated in the last 6 months, do that. And do it properly! Pretend you are applying for the dream career that you have always wanted, and list all your jobs, your skills, your talents, your hobbies, everything. If you are whiz at MS Word, write that down. If you have an inherent skill at risk management, put it down. If you are the person your supervisor sends to talk to the new people about dressing for business not the bar, highlight it! If you dream of taking a Lamborghini full tilt around some European racetrack, I want it listed!

Now I want you to send an email – yes, I want all this in writing! – to the two friends that support you through anything, that think you are fabulous and ask them what they think you are good at. Pick two of your favourite family members and do the same thing.

Ok, back to that resume. It was for your dream career, remember? The career you could bounce out of bed every morning at 5 a.m. to prepare for, excited that the new day had finally arrived! Tell me all about that dream career. In writing. Not the two-sentence version, the four-hours-over-a-bottle-of-wine version, with those friends who are going to be just as excited as you are that this has come your way!

Thank you.

When you have collated all this, I want you to read it, reread it, and read it yet again. Your resume. Your friends’ faith. Your family’s confidence. Your dream career.

Does anything in all of this tribute to your skills, abilities, strengths look like something you could/would become an expert in?

Please reread my last sentence. Does anything in all of this tribute to your skills, abilities, strengths look like something you could/would become an expert in?

You don’t have to be an expert right now. You don’t have to have confidence that you could speak at length about the subject. You don’t even need to be able to explain it to anyone right now. You just have to feel a small fire in your belly that tells you you could really get into this, be it a subject, a skill, a talent, whatever.

I have nothing more to say for today. Please spend some time reviewing the documents that you have collected. This probably won’t be a lightning bolt, Aha! moment… it will be a pondering, a wondering, a temptation kind of happening.

I am not finished with you yet, so do these exercises for tonight and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow.

I have something up my sleeve.