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How did you fare with your assignment yesterday?

Did you peruse all the information you collected? Did anything stand out as something you would like to pursue in terms of becoming an “expert”? Did your friends or family point out anything that you may never have considered?

We will proceed now with one of two assumptions:

1.  You are none the wiser today than you were yesterday – you still can’t really come up with anything that you would like to move ahead on as a go-to person. or

2.  You have something that has really piqued your interest, but you can’t imagine anyone considering you an expert. You would love to learn more about the subject… but an expert? really?

I want to introduce you now to one of my mentors. Her name has become synonymous with Branding you and your business, and many of the biggest names in Internet Marketing and Attraction Marketing use her courses for their students. Why reinvent the wheel when the existing wheel is high end and a leader in its class? Natasha Nassar Hazlett is an attorney, so her products leave nothing to chance; her success has been so monumental that one year ago she fired her boss! Yes, she gave up a thriving legal career because she it was costing her money in her business! Now, all that said, Natasha has paid her dues. She has had colossal failure to the point she actually quit marketing for a time. During her downtime, however, she reflected on the reasons for the collapse of her business and her own personal Phoenix: BRANDED was created.

You can see why I am excited about having her as my mentor!

But back to Branding You and Your Business. Realizing that start-up businesses cannot always afford higher ticket courses to get the ball rolling (although the time and money you spend getting laser-focused training saves you a truckload of cash in the long run), Natasha created a Blueprint webinar so that everyone could get focused on a niche and an area of expertise at double speed. I was in on that webinar and was stunned at the value she was providing for the price! Not only do you get this fireball webinar but she provides you with an Action Guide, a Brand Assessment Guide and very thorough Workbook!! You thought I made you do some writing yesterday – Natasha digs pretty deep… well, actually she just asks the right questions that make you dig deep!!

Anyways, check it out and see if it is something that would kick-start your on-line adventure. As an on-line marketer who has spent a fair little pot of cash over the years looking for the magic bullet, I think the will get you off the ground faster than anything else I have seen.

I’m not sure if I need to direct you to my Disclosure statement at the bottom of this page or not – yes, I get a commission if you buy this but you’ll laugh when you see the price. I’m not retiring on your spendings, believe me!

I feel really strongly that part of my obligation to you, my reader, is to provide you with high quality products to get your business off the ground. I am big on parsimony as you may have read in one of my recent posts, so while I can recommend some really high ticket products out there, I’d rather wait until your business was earning enough to pay for them so you aren’t out of pocket any more than you need to be.

I hope you take a look at Natasha’s . Honestly, I’m not sure you can afford to not go for it!

Tomorrow starts a short video series. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I was when I started doing video. It’s a bit better now but you can still have a chuckle at my Ums and Ahs!

To Your Success!