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You are so ready to retire – but there is a serious little voice in your head suggesting it may be another five to ten years yet. Why is that?


How are your Mom & Dad anyways? Or in your case, maybe there is only one parent left, which really tugs on your conscience.

They are so frail these days.

  • Are you ignoring those repeated stories because you don’t want to think about dementia?
  • Were you shocked at the all the scratchy entries in their cheque-book? (they used to be so meticulous about their banking)
  • Are there a few more scrapes on their car this week that they can’t explain? Who will help you convince them they can’t be driving anymore?
  • And have you made it a habit to check out the fridge each time you visit now just in case anything has turned to that weird shade of inedible?

There is just so much to think about when your parents are sliding down that slippery slope into Old Age.

No one ever told you there could be so much guilt associated with aging parents, did they? Are you an only child? Or perhaps the only child who is willing to step in and help them out.

What is even worse is that it is costing you money… quite a bit of money now… but you can’t ask them to reimburse you, it would just be so ungrateful! They are your parents for heavens sake!!

  • Yes, you take time off work to accompany them to appointments;
  • Yes, you pick up some fresh food twice a week just to make sure they have some;
  • Yes, you pay the boy across the street to mow their lawn each weekend; and
  • Yes, they appreciate you so much they want to buy you lunch at their favourite restaurant… but then forget to offer money so You have to pick up the tab!

But what can you do? They are your parents for heavens sake!!

There are heavier costs associated with caring for elderly parents sometimes too:

  • Have you given up a career or a home to move closer to them?
  • Have you put a second mortgage on your home to pay for some home adaptations and support for them?
  • Have you bought a bigger home so they could move in with you?

Not only have I worked in ElderCare for >20 years, just about all of the above examples came from my own life, and my decision to take care of my mother. So I am well-aware of the expenses associated with caregiving an elderly parent and the reluctance to ask them to reimburse you for any of your out-of-pocket expenditures. And I am well-acquainted with lines of credit and juggling accounts and “creative financing”.

And the expectation that retirement just wasn’t going to happen in the foreseeable future.

This brings to me to another reason for developing an on-line business. My business is controlled by me. The time and energy I spend on my business reflects what is going on in other areas of my life. The time I put in on my business happens at home so none of my home-based obligations need to be compromised. If I continue to make the choices I am making – working hard and ignoring the TV – it will not be much longer until I can kiss my b.o.s.s. good bye! When that happens, Look Out!! I will have full-time hours to work at something I love, for myself, and continue to develop the friendship and supports that have been such a positive part of my on-line adventure.

This is what I wish for you.

This is what I will support you to do.

There is only one thing for you to do. It’s a simple thing. With no obligation or cost.

Click HERE and tell me your story.

I’m listening.