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The DIY Retirement Plan”.


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I feel very passionately that we women need to not only know what’s going on in our financial futures, but we also need to start writing our own stories, and that includes creating our own incomes.

We should not be relying on others, or the government, to keep us.  We go this way but once, and it should be on our terms!

My DIY Retirement Plan is like a primer to show you it is not all that complicated getting on-line.  This overview will give you some things to think about and together we can do the rest!

The Bonus Supplement used to be a stand-alone publication but I decided that you really need to be aware of your current position before you can chart your future course.

Please review the points carefully.  As I mention in my video, less than 40% of women know how much they will need to retire.  If you are one of the <40% today, I am hoping you will not be one by next week.

Once you have a clear view of what your pension expectations can be and, realistically, how much you will need to live on after retirement, I am hoping you are proactive and join me and my team in creating your own sustainable retirement income so you don’t have to worry about the economic climate or government heavy-handedness ever again.

Like the Helen Keller quote I used in my video:  

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”