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The good thing about developing an on-line business is that all your training, all of your cohorts, all your Google searches, and certainly your “office” are on-line. You can work from anywhere, anytime.

While a lot of our training is the written word, much of it is also in video format.

What I like best about video, or at least audio, is that you can have your workspace open on your monitor and follow the instructions in real time. Do as you’re told!

I would be interested, however, to know how many times I have had to bring up my video window, press Pause, then back the instructions up, quickly click back onto my workspace and try to complete the instructions. I have a phrase I use on the telephone and it seems sort of apropos here: “I can’t listen as fast as you can talk.”


humour break:


My other frustration, though, is listening to a training – strictly informational or coaching – where it is nice to have the visual of the webinar, but sometimes I really want to say, quit being so chatty! I want to hear the next part! I am in listening mode, not work-as-I-go, and I just want the coach to speak faster. Ever been there? I actually had a tape deck once (remember them?) that had a speed up/slow down feature and I used it quite a bit.

You know what happens when you slow down or speed up recordings though: you either get to listen to the chipmunks or to a bass that can barely finish his words.

There is a solution, however!

This is my final recommendation for this week for absolutely necessary tools to get you started online.

Enounce MySpeed is an amazing tool that places a small slider window on your monitor every time a video starts. You can listen at regular speed, all the way up to 3x speed or slow it down to 1/3 speed. The very best part is there is no distortion of sound or voice with this tool. I love the slow-down feature, but the speed-up feature is incredible! I listen to most voice recordings now at 2x speed and follow it well. My first year with Enounce I saved 192 hours of my time! That’s a lot of time to spend on other parts of my business!! This year I have been on more live webinars so have not saved as much time but I have still saved about 120 hours of my time! That’s huge!

Here’s the link to Enounce MySpeed: – you can try it free for 7 days!


This is my third post on the initial steps in starting an on-line business. You have spent about $100 and that will hold you for the time being. There is a lot to keep you busy over the next couple of weeks, and I will be giving you some free advice next week as you get going on this adventure.

You may want to tune in tomorrow as I give you some quick advice on how you can earn some of that $100 back really quickly! (legally) (ethically) J