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Weekend Wisdom 23

  What if you began to expect the best from any situation? Isn’t it possible that you could write new chapters in your life with happy endings? Suspend your disbelief? Take a leap of faith? After all, what have you got to lose but misery and lack? ~ Sarah...

Weekend Wisdom 22

People don’t take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side unsecure. Too many people are over-analyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it. ~ Michelle Zatly

Weekend Wisdom 21

  Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes Courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow.”

Weekend Wisdom 20

The entrepreneur in us sees opportunity everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities. ~ Michael...