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I found a great article on-line today and was about to post it to my FaceBook Fan page ( ), when I decided it would be equally valuable here.  (The link is provided so you will drop by and give my page a “Like”, and then keep on dropping by for information and more great articles!)

Opening paragraph: “Fear is the enemy of success. Large rewards only result from taking comparably large risks. If you’re ruled by fear, you’ll never take enough risks and never achieve success you deserve.”

So often we use our fears as excuses or crutches for not taking a risk. If you are completely happy in and with your life, not a problem. But if you want to redesign any part of your life, then you need to face your fears head on. There is enough in life we cannot control; we must learn how to exorcise those demons that prevent us from achieving the life we want. And deserve.

If taking charge of a comfortable retirement is one of your goals; if lack of support or lack of direction are two of the fears holding you back, keep checking back with me here as I get into overdrive over the next two months. Things are heating up!

Assignment #1: Work on wanting a better lifestyle more than you fear changing your current one!