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Numerous news reports over the last few weeks have been rife with “he said, she said” accusations over just what, if any, changes the feds are going to make to Old Age Security (OAS). Government lackeys have been quick to respond that nothing would change until 2020 or maybe 2025.

Now the first thought that comes to mind is why would a government that has a mandate only until 2015 be throwing around speculation for 5 – 10 years past that? Their decision, somebody else’s problem? Or is it just another pot-stirring issue that will cost us, the taxpayer, more money as future governments waste time and money implementing, cancelling, re-implementing decisions made in the past.

The most talked-about suggestion is to delay qualification for OAS until age 67 instead of the current 65. Now for me and for some of you, that would be an inconvenience, and certainly a frustration, but in the greater scheme of things no big deal. But we all know someone who has a physically demanding job, a job that is getting more and more difficult to execute every year as their bodies feel the toll. Other people have jobs with certain levels of danger that could put them and others at risk by forcing those workers to stay longer in the workforce. And as we age, many feel the chronic pain of arthritis, back pain, foot and knee issues and carpal tunnel. I can’t imagine any of these people having any feelings except despair and/or anger over a decision to make them stay in the workforce for two more years. The greatest OAS and GIC (Guaranteed Income Supplement) benefits are paid to lower income seniors. Again, these people will be forced to keep their low income jobs for even longer before they can collect.

Another huge frustration for me in this matter is the fact that the government is apparently planning on pitching this issue to younger generations, using scare-tactics like young taxpayers are on the hook for supporting a huge generation of elders! I hope those young people also understand that by keeping our generation in the workforce, they are locked out of it!

My question to government – this one and previous ones – is “Where is the surprise of the Baby Boomers reaching retirement age together?” Our “bubble” has been getting older for the last 25 years. Greater life expectancy might be a bonus but that too has been a steadily rising statistics for a bunch of years too. Why have they been so busy spending our tax dollars on boondoggles – we can all name a few! – when they should have been investing some money so they could retire us all off as expected.

Good thing I don’t have high blood pressure!

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