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An on-line business is my absolutely #1 choice for building a sustainable income as we head into retirement. We had had that expectation about our RRSPs, but others ruled that world and we are now up the proverbial creek.

A business in the on-line world has everything going for it. First of all, you make all the decisions. If a plan does not work out, or pay as you were hoping, change is at your fingertips. Also at your fingertips are resources for developing your business, mentoring for quickest and most effective implementation of ideas, and a myriad of possibilities to take your business where you want it to go… or perhaps where you never dreamed it could go.

An on-line business has relatively low overhead, and you can keep a strict handle on the money that does get spent. You can shop the globe for products and they are there at the click of a button. Your clientele can also be global, and that certainly keeps life interesting. If you join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, you have support, feedback and up-to-date information any time you need it.


Building an on-line business is a commitment. If you think this a whim you might undertake instead of reading that holiday novel, please don’t expect overnight success. Chances are you will need some training, perhaps some coaching, and if you can find a mentor, I recommend it. There are the stories out there about the homeless person who was on his/her last nickel when they found overnight success, which shot them to 7-8 figure incomes within weeks… but, trust me, those stories are very rare, and almost always they found the perfect mentor looking for the hungry student, again pretty rare. Not to mention the fact that most of us would find some sort of employment before getting down to our last nickel!

Building an on-line business for sustainable income is a long-term commitment. Besides learning all the start-up, there is the getting found. Done right, you can probably climb the Google ladder fairly quickly but it still takes time to build credibility, and that is another useful tool if you want to grow your business. On-line trends also change regularly and you will need to be flexible to adapt (this is another area where belonging to a support group is important – someone is always on top of something new and introducing the concept… makes life so much easier for you).

I tell you all this not to scare you off but to prepare you.

What I can’t prepare you for is the excitement of developing an on-line presence. I cannot explain well enough the pride you feel as you watch your site develop, attract customers, and flourish… all because you had a vision and followed through.

What I won’t tell you about is how you might feel like you never want to retire. Creating this on-line business adventure is a little addictive, in the best possible way. And you can take your addiction with you almost anywhere. Family and friends gain new respect for you and tell their friends and families about you. Now that is cool!

Finally, with success comes a taste for success. This part is also hard to explain. As your dream becomes reality you dare to dream bigger. Because you can. Because you know you can turn your dreams into reality. because you are taking control of your retirement plan, successfully.

And that, my friend, is about as empowering as it gets.


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