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I read an interesting quote recently:


74 wander or travel


It reminded me of my first year or so online: when I dreamed of travel but wandered through training after training, all of which promised me the income potential to travel!

Does that sound familiar? Are your best travels to date those in your imagination? Are you starting to feel like you are wandering around losing site of your travel aspirations?

I have a clear direction for my business now, but I certainly remember those early days… and I still don’t feel like I have many skills in the tech department.

My last two posts have talked about the new “digital lifestyle” training platform I am checking out. I’m growing to like that term, although I still often say “online entrepreneur”.

At any rate, for anyone looking to find the means to trade in their job for the travel experience, I highly recommend this platform, and the business model. No wandering here!

The training is laid out in a methodical, logical fashion, and they have developed incredibly sophisticated processes to make website building and online marketing as simple as a few clicks of your mouse! I try really hard not to use that weary old phrase “if I can do it, anyone can”… but in this case… it’s true!

Click the ad below! (which I created with two clicks of my mouse!)