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You are so ready to retire but it is some pretty serious self-talk that is going on to convince yourself you can hang in there for another five years.

Why is that?


Is that your grandbaby in the picture over there? What a beautiful child and HaHa! I can tell you love that child to bits because you just lit up like a Christmas tree when I mentioned it!!

And that picture over there – must be your daughter! The baby has her eyes and smile! Yes, I can see it in their portrait shot. No dad? No partner? Ouch.

Yes, it is so sad, so frustrating, so hard to understand when a parent decides to bail on their responsibilities.

That’s good that you have the room to have them live with you! I’m sure it’s a win/win for all of you in many ways. But it probably has its lose/lose at times, too, am I right?

Please don’t feel you have to explain – I understand completely! You love them to bits; you are your grandchild’s second most favourite person in the world; it has made your daughter a better parent because she has not had to worry about money and expenses at the same time as she was learning how to be a parent… Yes, I bet she’s a great Mom!! And you certainly are the best baby-sitter when the only jobs your daughter can get entail shift work. She went back to school? Being able to concentrate on her education without worrying about juggling jobs would have been great, no doubt!

Yes, I bet the timing was serendipitous! It was getting time for you to down-size, but you still had the big house. You would have a few more income-earning opportunities than your daughter at this stage of the game. Haha, yes, you have way more “creative financing” experience than she does! Even if it does mean you delay your retirement for a few more years – it’s been a gift, really, hasn’t it. In so many ways.


This brings to me to another reason for developing an on-line business. My business is controlled by me. The time and energy I spend on my business reflects what is going on in other areas of my life. The time I put in on my business happens at home so none of my home-based obligations need to be compromised – I can choose which hours are business-oriented and which are family-directed. If I continue to make the choices I am making – working hard and ignoring the TV – it will not be much longer until I can kiss my b.o.s.s. good bye! When that happens, Look Out!! I will have full-time hours to work at something I love, for myself, and continue to develop the friendship and supports that have been such a positive part of my on-line adventure.

And be an involved Gramma whenever I please!

This is what I wish for you.

This is what I will support you to do.

There is only one thing for you to do. It’s a simple thing. With no obligation or cost.

Click HERE and tell me your story.

I’m listening.