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  • Are you fat?
  • Is your hair thin and limp?
  • Do you get travel sick every time you go anywhere?
  • Do you look old?
  • Do you have saddle bags on your thighs?
  • Do you turn bright red whenever you have to say something in a public place?
  • Do you have triflaps? (you know, the bags of saggy flesh that hang from your upper arms?)
  • Are you downright stupid when it comes to technology?

Hmmm. You know I can’t see you. So whatever your answers to the above questions are, is how you see yourself.  And you probably aren’t too pleased that I put you on the spot like that.

Let me ask you these questions again:

  • Do you struggle to be your ideal weight?
  • Do you feel your hair is unmanageable?
  • Do you wish you could travel anywhere without feeling nauseous?
  • Are you feeling that you might look older than your age?
  • Are you unhappy with where you genetically store fat?
  • Is public speaking a huge challenge for you?
  • Are you noticing that some areas of your body do not look toned no matter what you do?
  • Does your inability to understand technology frustrate you?

Most people will feel better responding to the second set of questions than the first. Most people will hope that the person asking the second set of questions might be able to identify with their personal concern.

Do any of the above issues relate to your niche and the direction of your on-line business? I guarantee that if you ask your ideal client pertinent questions in a manner that suggests you can empathize they will sign on to learn more from you much more quickly.

How do you view yourself? If you are gentle with yourself about your own perceived imperfections, likely you are going to be gentle with your on-line readers.  Your ideal client will identify with you and be relieved that you’re “normal” or “just like me”, not a Hollywood version of an on-line guru.

Hollywood versions of on-line gurus are all over the internet. No matter how much they know, it can feel intimidating admitting your struggles and weaknesses in front of them. Why? Because they look like they have never struggled with anything in their life.

My advice to you? Be yourself in your business. Be real and be honest. When people are looking for answers to their pains, they are so relieved to find a leader who has walked in their shoes, felt their struggle, and found a way to resolution.

Be yourself, be real, be honest, and be gentle.

People will love that you are perfectly imperfect!