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The operative word in my title is “Can”.

I just read a depressing article.

The opening sentence:  “Nearly one in five Canadian workers (17%) expect they will never be able to afford to retire fully, according to study released by global bank HSBC.

I just can’t imagine feeling so trapped financially that I know I will need to keep on working as long as I can.

I’m not talking about people who love their gainful employment so much they can’t imagine ever giving it up.  I’m talking about people who just cannot find a way to see retirement in their future.  I can only imagine how that must affect their physical and mental health.

The article goes on to say: “The findings paint a particularly bleak picture for those living alone in retirement, with almost a quarter of those who are divorced or separated (24%) saying they don’t think they will ever retire (compared to 20% globally).

My current plans include living alone in retirement.  But I do plan to retire!  Retire my way, of course.  I love this on-line space and fully intend to keep my hand in the game, but that, to me, constitutes retirement my way.

With an on-line business I can still travel, I still wake up in the morning when I please and if I choose to take a day off, it is my choice!  Retirement my way!

The article does say that “many semi-retired Canadians cited largely positive reasons for staying in the workforce. For example, nearly half (47%) of respondents say they would like to keep active physically and mentally, 41% say they like working, and 35% say they feel it will ease the transition into retirement.

My concern is for the 17% who expect they will never be able to afford to retire.

For those of you who are quite confident about your retirement plans, you may want to take stock regularly:  “HSBC’s study suggests that even those who have retired may not be able to achieve the retirement they want.  Over half (54%) of retired people surveyed in Canada who said they have been unable to realize their plans for retirement believed this was because they have less money to live on than they had expected.

This article is depressing for any of you who do not have large retirement savings plans in place over and above the government-managed ones.

Read the article in its entirety here:

Now before you pour yourself a strong drink why don’t you message me and we can discuss how we can get you started on creating your own residual retirement income so you too can Reclaim Your Retirement Dreams!

Do NOT bury your head in the sand!