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Yesterday I promised you a quick hint on how to make back some of the $100 you spent this week.

Spoiler Alert: IT IS REALLY EXCITING getting that email saying you just made money!!! (every time!)

I remember reading a Robert Kiyosaki article some time ago about one of the differences between rich people and poor people. He was explaining (my simplified version) that when poor people want to buy a car, they go out and buy a car. When rich people want to buy a car, they go and buy a business that provides them the income to not only go out a buy a very nice car, but then keeps providing them an income for a long time.

This simple concept has really stayed with me.

Are you one of the people who bought the Enounce MySpeed tool I recommended yesterday? If yes, click the next link I give you, if “No” keep reading and see how this thing works.


Do you see the “affiliate” on the end of that url? Do you know what an affiliate is?

An affiliate is someone who sells a product for a company. A marketer applies to the company to be an affiliate. Once accepted (usually it’s pretty easy), the company gives the affiliate a specially-coded link to the company site, or the product specifically. The affiliate then markets the product in their own way (sometimes with parameters set by the company) – they give interested buyers their special link – the company processes the sales and sends the affiliate a percentage of the sale.

Enounce is one of those tools I love, and I use it numerous times every day. So I tell students about it, I tell colleagues about it, I even told my own kids to go buy it!

That is why I am using it as an example of affiliate sales. It’s a great tool, you don’t have to convince someone it’s good for their skin or their weight, it pretty well sells itself!

So, now go follow the link to the affiliate application I entered above. It’s not multi-level, I make no money from your sales; I just want you to see how easy affiliate sales can be, and how you can start making money right out of the blocks. If you want to make a bit of money first to fund your start-up, that is perfectly acceptable too!!


PostScript: do have an on-line product or service that you like and recommend a lot? Try putting the name in a Google search with affiliate at the end – you never know! Did you know Amazon has an affiliate service??