But You Didn’t Quit! Or Did You?

If you read any of the major motivational authors, the one common thread you will read is how you have to keep pushing, keep moving forward toward your goal no matter how tired you are, how convinced you are that you might as well give up. The authors can usually give examples of one person who gave up while another pushed through their apparent defeat and found success around the next corner. “Three feet from gold” is such a familiar story that the phrase is now common usage to describe people who give up when they should have, could have pushed just a bit farther and found success.

Have you ever really wanted a goal, worked really hard to get it, but then decided it wasn’t going to happen? If you throw your hands up in the air and say, “I give up!” there is no argument that you gave up. There are, however, many other excuses we use that don’t sound like we are giving up. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  1. You are working toward a goal, but you need to interact with someone else to achieve your goal. That person, however, does not return your call when they said they would; or their answer is not the one you were hoping for. So you say Fine! Forget it! It sounds like it is the other person’s fault: you tried and they threw the wrench into your works.
  2. You work and work and work, but still are not seeing really tangible results. You finally lean back and say “It just wasn’t meant to be!”
  3. You put the research into your goal, you decide what you are going to do with your success, but when you look at your cohorts you decide you do not have the correct skill set so you change your mind and back off.

It may not seem like quitting if you move away from a project with excuses like “It wasn’t meant to be” or “If they can’t give me what I want when I want it, forget it!” or “All those other people know more than me anyways”. I think you still need to take a hard look inward and make sure you are not just taking the easy way out. If you separate yourself from the decision as if the path of retreat was out of your hands or you blame some higher power or other, it is easy to convince yourself that quitting was thrust upon you.

Let’s revisit the scenarios above.

  1. Why allow someone else to put the kibosh on your dreams or prevent you from reaching your goal? It will be very rare that there is only person who can help you, give you what you need to attain that goal. Looking for a new mentor, finding a new information/product supplier, or waiting a bit longer to hear from a contact may be inconvenient, but it certainly is not the end of the world and might, in fact, open doors you never knew existed.
  2. If you are the sort of person who believes in fate, or the stars aligning, or some external force determining your life, I would appreciate you leaving a comment below explaining how you know “The Force” has determined you were meant to stop. What sort of sign or message do you receive that clearly means Stop. Not Detour. Not Try Again Tomorrow. Not Repurpose That Idea. Just STOP. (This is not meant discourteously, I really am curious.)
  3. Hmm. Skill sets. Sounds like a learning curve to me. And if you can create ideas that merit following up on, I believe you have what it takes to learn the necessary skills to implement those ideas. The skill sets of your cohorts should merely be a benchmark from which you can improve.

Next time you are tempted to throw your hands up in the air, throw in the towel, or dissuade yourself from an important goal, stop and really think about what you are saying to yourself. Don’t disguise giving up or blame it on an external entity. If you really feel you are unable to reach a goal, own that thought and stop just long enough to consider if there is some way you can reinvent that dream so you can achieve it.

Dream BIG and go from there!

Here is a link to the book “Three Feet from Gold”. Read it or “Think and Grow Rich” and then forge ahead! Good luck!


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11 Responses to But You Didn’t Quit! Or Did You?

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my fav authors.

    Yes, most times we quit too fast and easy when with a little internal honesty and evaluation we might continue to charge forward.

    Thanks for the reminder,
    Evey recently posted…What is in our beef?My Profile

  • Hi Agnes, Excellent article, We as people have a tendency to throw the towel in and forget about our dreams, I have heard so many story’s from people who were so close on success and they had given up just before they would have made a breakthrough, It is vitally important to keep focused on our Dreams/Goals and to never give up even when times are tough just keep going and success will eventually breakthrough, Thanks for sharing 😉
    Paudie Callaghan recently posted…Empowerment in ActionMy Profile

  • Many things can make you want to quit. My blog was down for almost 2 weeks. That would normally make me want to quit, but I am working with a coach for my soap business and I was making soap. So the soap will be ready to sell and then I can put it on my site. — We must all find a way to stay motivated when things come our way. I likeyour article. 🙂
    Debbie recently posted…Yummy Goat Milk SoapMy Profile

  • Excellent post Agnes and Think and Grow Rich is also one of my favourites. Great post and advice.
    Merle recently posted…Brilliant Desk Accessories To Make Your Office More Organized Than Ever!My Profile

  • I loved your post Agnes. I have found that sometimes people just need to ask a different question, rather than listening to all of their excuses around why they cannot do something. The difference between success and failure can be as simple as changing the question from “Why can’t I?” to “How can I?” and they will find answers to whatever question asked.

    When we ask “Why can’t I?”, we will get plenty of reasons and excuses. But when we ask “How can I?” answers will appear that will help us have the business and the life we want.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…38 Million Work From Home EntrepreneursMy Profile

  • I’ve quit for 2 different reasons.

    (1) I realized it just wasn’t for me. I left my job(s) as a public school teacher because I knew I would never truly be happy in that field.

    (2) I’m not going about it the right way, so I quit my direction. So really, this isn’t quitting. I just reroute my path, and try a different way.

    I don’t give up unless I truly believe that the end result won’t make me happy.
    Keri Kight recently posted…Self Fulfilling Prophecies: Choose WiselyMy Profile

  • I’ve never believed in quitting in anything and than can be a hindrance too sometimes – stubborn is what some people would call it.

    I have a sign in my kitchen that says – “I would give up wine and chocolate – but I’m no quitter” – that’s me!

  • I’s a shame when people quit just before they would have made a breakthrough and miss out on a great opportunity, but I agree with Keri, there are times when it will be the right things for you to in order for you to move forward and become successful.
    Helen Willsher recently posted…9 Secrets To Help You Set Your Big GoalsMy Profile

  • Don’t quit is a message we all need. If you are breathing, there should always be a goal on your radar that seem unreachable. That what makes it fun, right?

    Hey, if it was easy – everyone would be doing it! 🙂

  • I think when you get to the spot where you feel like quitting that actually is where you need to realize that you are winning.

    So many people have come before you… They walked… Your no quitter are you?

    All you need to do is keep going… Your a survivor!
    WILLIAM O’TOOLE recently posted…Why do you feel so crap?My Profile

  • Hi Agnes,
    There are as many reasons to throw in the towel as there are reasons for going after what you want. When you add other people into the mix, then the odds are stacked against you. I think you should interact and gain from other people, but never let those outside influencers affect your resolve.
    I read and studied, “Think and Grow Rich once” May be time for a refresher course.
    Thanks for highlighting this for us again.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…A Network Marketing Opportunity for Everyone.My Profile

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