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I heard a news story this morning that really hit home why I am doing what I am doing on-line.

Nearly a third of retired Canadians, or 30 per cent, have returned to work and a major reason is that they misjudged how much their expected life of ease would cost.

This is the finding of two ING surveys “conducted with about 1,000 Canadian adults who were at least 55 years old and Angus Reid Forum panelists.

About 48 per cent of respondents in one survey who had returned to work cited financial concerns as the reason they took another job. And, of these, 31 per cent had returned to work full time.

Another online survey found that 33 per cent of respondents who went back to work said they hadn’t saved enough money for retirement, while 31 per cent said they faced higher living costs than expected.

In my ebook “The DIY Retirement Plan” I include a link to an expense calendar so you can see what your costs of living are. Statistics suggest that most people underestimate how much they are spending and are not really aware of what their leisure costs are.

The surveys portray a notable disconnect between Canadians’ expectations of life after the workforce and the reality of the cost.

ING Direct said that respondents wished they had found more ways to save for retirement, that they had started saving earlier and hadn’t ‘spent money so mindlessly.’

Here is a link to whole article:

You know, I do go on the odd rant about the government and their lack of planning and fiscal responsibility, but it is also up to individuals to be responsible in their own retirement planning. The economy is a fact now, as is the state of government coffers, so it high time we got creative about funding our own retirements.

The way I see it, you have a choice to either scale back…. WAY back… or you create a residual income that will allow you all the things you dream of for your retirement.

Realizing, of course, my business is all about offering you solutions. You just need to contact me!