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Well, one of them.

But for more reasons than one.

Now some of you, I know, are asking Who the bleep is Charley Boorman?

Photo used with permisson.

I first met Charley through one of the sexiest guys on the planet:  Ewan McGregor – star of Moulin Rouge and Big Fish.  And Yes, I am using the word “met” quite loosely.

As a “biker chick” myself, when I found out Ewan McGregor had undertaken a huge biking adventure called “Long Way Round“, I had to find out more. That’s how I “met” Charley Boorman. As the more experienced of the three riders on the trip, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Charley on the small screen. I cried for his exhaustion, I cried with his heart as he met children who should never have to live the way they do, I cried for myself and the knowledge I would never, ever be able to do a trip like that – I just don’t have it in me. I know this. Before they were halfway round the globe, Charley Boorman was like the kid brother I never had.

My children gifted me the video series of both “The Long Way Round” and “The Long Way Down” and I have watched them several times. Then books started arriving in my gift packages. Both of the “Long Way” books and then “Race To Dakar” and “Right To The Edge“. There are a few more out there and I have solemn promises from the children to make sure they are in my library by year’s end.

The other night I was browsing TV channels from a new provider. I think I could spot Charley now in a crowd of thousands! And there he was again – only this time he was in Canada! I don’t actually get this TV channel – why I was able to tune it in that night is a mystery.

But it got me to thinking.

Videos, books, TV specials… and if I look at his website there is other stuff I can buy too. Clothes, pictures, buffs.


Are you wondering yet what in the world this has to do with building a business?

As a solopreneur, the work load can be pretty heavy at times. So the one thing you learn to do is “repurpose” your work.

For example, I recently participated in a 30-day blogging challenge. That’s right, a new post every day for 30 days, with lots of people dropping by to visit the website and read my posts. This was a challenge for several reasons:

  • Creating new content every day for 30 days IS challenging
  • There needs to be a direction as you now have a large following
  • Having something original to talk about each day takes focus

As I progressed through the challenge however, I found myself re-inventing my own wheel, so-to-speak. Let me explain.

On my Home Page, I have a free offer. There’s a workbook and an e-book that you can receive just for the asking. My e-book covers quite a few topics to consider in starting an on-line business. A few of the topics were perfect to expand out into blog posts.

As I wrote the blog posts, I started to realize some of the posts could be re-written a bit and used in my emails to you if you decide to sign up.

THIS is re-purposing!

With very little extra work, you can re-use things you have already created for other purposes. It saves a ton of time and energy when you are the only person working and creating in your business!

And now back to Charley Boorman.

Charley undertakes a trip. This trip is huge, and a ton of work, both before and during. He has his videographer (often Claudio, who would have to be one of the invitees if this gang were ever to come for dinner). He has his journal, sometimes paper, sometimes video. He has a whole army of people he meets along the way who impact him for one reason or another.

Once home, he addresses the needs of his followers. Videos for the visual folk. Books for the bibliophiles. Then there are those of us who want both the evening of visual and emotional exhaustion, and the constant reading companion at bedtime. As I mentioned earlier, I know I do not have it in me to ever take on a trip like any one of Charley’s, so perhaps I want to just buy a t-shirt and live vicariously. His pictures are amazing and they would make great postcards or desktop photos for my laptop. I know he is an ambassador for UNICEF so I am happy to help him financially however I can. He also contracts with TV to make shows out of his videos and a variety of other possibilities ensue. One trip – a variety of possibilities. One trip – a variety of income potential.

Get the picture? He has repurposed each of his adventures in so many different ways that he is an amazing example of the process.

And so I end right back where I started from.

Charley Boorman is my hero.

Well, one of them.

But for more reasons than one.

Keyword for this post: Re-purposing! aka working Smarter, not Harder!