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I have worked in ElderCare for over 20 years.  It has always been about the people and I have appreciated it for that reason.

By ElderCare I mean the frail, the bed-bound, the demented, the dying.

A common theme I hear from families when they start enquiring about care is apology for the condition of their loved one.  “They used to be so busy, now they won’t even get out of bed”  “They used to be so much fun, now they are so nasty” “They used to take such good care of themselves, now it’s an argument to get them near a bath” are just a few of the lines I hear in any given month.

What I try to make these stressed family members realize is that they can bring us nothing we have not dealt with before.  Many of us in this line of work have been snapped at, argued with, sworn at, even injured.  That’s not the nature of the work!  Most of our residents are loving, appreciative, funny, caring people.  Even those that act out also have sweet sides.

The biggest advantage for those of us who work in care is that we have no history with any of our residents.

  • If they used to be funny or witty we didn’t know them then.  We only know who they are now.
  • If they used to have brilliant minds we didn’t know them then.  We only know who they are now.
  • If they used to be fashionistas we didn’t know them then.  We only know who they are now.

Do you see where I am going with this?  We have no history with any of our residents, so we have no expectations of them.  We accept who they are today, with the needs they have today, and we know nothing different.  We don’t expect them to wrap an arm around us and share a witticism like they used to do; we don’t expect them to greet us with an explanation of the meteor shower we experienced last night like they used to do; we don’t expect them to jump into the shower and then put on a trendy new outfit like they used to do. 

We accept who they are now. 

This means there is no frustration with lack of cooperation – we don’t know they were always agreeable.  This means we do not take offense when they say something nasty – we don’t know they used to loving and affectionate.  We don’t mind that we need to wipe their chin after every mouthful of lunch – we don’t know that they used to host exclusive dinner parties with the local elite.

Well, you know I am going to relate this back to business sooner or later!

Getting started in an on-line business can be very similar.

Your history does not need to affect the success you want today. 

If you used to be hurtful but have learned some life lessons that have made you a better person; if you used to be a cynic but have experienced something astounding and changed your perception of life; if you were negative but have met an amazing person who showed you a better way; or if you lost weight, survived a heart attack, rallied after a tragedy… your reader knows none of this, only who are today.  Because they do not know your history, they do not have pre-conceptions about you.  If you share your version of your past, they will see it the way you do and be interested in your growth, or how you handled adversity.

Your reader will only be interested in who you are today and what you can teach them about what they want to learn, or be, or attain.

The other side of this on-line space is that even the traits you currently have that speak negatively to you will be a plus for your readership. 

  • If you have had to work really hard to learn something, your audience will feel hope that they can too. 
  • If you have a “compromise” of some sort like a stutter, an obvious birthmark, an inherited physical trait that you feel might be a detriment, there are people out there who are relieved to see that you are one of them and that you have become successful – they will feel hope that they can too.
  • If you struggle with your size in any direction, there are people who want to hear how you deal with it so they can feel hope that can succeed like you have.

My mentor reminds us regularly that we have a “duty” to succeed.

If your success could positively impact the life of just one other person, would it be worthwhile?  I say Yes.

You just don’t know who is out there struggling with an issue you have found a way through.  They need you to succeed so they can have hope for success also.

So, just in time for weekend, you have a duty to go and be successful in your business.  Someone is looking for you, and needs you.

The thought can be one of those Yikes! moments, can’t it?

To your success!!