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The longer you are on-line developing out a web-site and a blog and a business, the more you hear terms you never knew existed.


Google Analyics



Sales funnel


In one way or another, you will become aware of, and probably use, all of the above, and more.

Before you get all panicky about the volume of things you need to learn and what that will cost, let me reassure you.

While you should probably get some credible and personalized coaching on things like your “sales funnel”, the website functions you will end up using like Aweber and Google Analytics have great training within the website.

Hopefully by now, you have learned that on-line success does not happen overnight. That means you implement the services you want as you need them, and the wise thing to do is to allow for the extra time you need to learn the full capacity of each of the services.

You have probably heard the term “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”… well, it may not be dangerous for you to have too little knowledge about Aweber and Google Analytics, but you are doing yourself, and your business, a disservice by skimming over them and learning the bare basics.

Do you have any hobbies? Take knitting for example: how simple would your creations be if you knew only “knit”? Once you learn “purl” and “cable”, “increase” and “decrease”, your creations take on a whole new interesting look and people start to notice them. The more you learn, the more creative your product, and the more interest you get from prospective buyers.

Remember to keep the same outlook for your business.

When it’s time to use Aweber, use Aweber’s free training and learn it! When it’s time to register at LinkedIn, take their tutorials that explain how to set up your profile to look its most professional, and use groups to your best advantage. When Google Analytics sends you an email inviting you to register for free training, don’t wonder if you have time – make time!

Two years ago, my knowledge base consisted of “web-site” and that’s it. “web-site” as in, I know this is a web-site. Didn’t have a clue how to choose a name, how to find real estate to put it on, make it look my own… and here I am today, able to hold a conversation on most of the above topics and what I don’t know, I do know how to find the answers.

If you’re wondering why I just used the word “most” it is because I have struggled with Google Analytics and two days ago they invited me to a free course. It’s self-directed but there is a test at the end! I really don’t have time… but I’ll find it!!