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If you are, like me, a woman of a certain age, you have been making plans for your retirement for a number of years. For the last ten, however, you have watched your investment bottom line go down instead of up. We used to laugh at stories we heard about the old couple who put all their money in their mattress but, really, if we had followed their example we would at least still have the same amount of money we had started with. Some time ago I wrote a post titled “Where Is The Surprise About The Baby Boomer Bulge?” and I am sure you share my frustration that we have paid into our pension plans all these years and yet the government thinks it is ok to change the rules about collecting on them. For as long as I can remember I have heard about the Baby Boom –so the fact that the government can whine about the demand that is starting to be placed on the Old Age Security is ludicrous. I planned for years before I bought a house; I planned for years how to pay off my mortgage; and I have planned for years how to retire comfortably. My budget is a drop in the bucket compared to the government’s so why were they not at least as diligent. We can all name a few government fiascos over the years – if they can afford to throw money away why could they not afford to hire professionals who understand long-term planning and listen to those professionals when they sound alarm bells about impractical, illogical and foolish bail-outs and lending trends.

Bottom line, you deserve to be frustrated. As a hard-working woman who tried to do the right thing, it is safe to say you have been let down by people who promised to take their positions in public office seriously.

Use that frustration now, as I have, to take care of yourself and put yourself in a position of empowerment. Be in the driver’s seat as you head into the future. Purchase on-line real estate and learn what to do with it. It’s not as hard as it may sound and you’ll never go back, believe me!

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