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How’s that for a bold opening line?


For those of you who are not the TV house reno addicts that I am, let me introduce you to Bryan and tell you a bit about his latest hit TV show. His HGTV bio says “A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US for over seven years… In his latest show, Leave it to Bryan, the veteran contractor helps reno-hungry homeowners prioritize the room they need, over the renovation they want.”

Bryan’s premise: “If they want my help turning their dreams into reality, they’re going to have to leave all the decisions up to me.”


Here’s the killer question that always comes about the 7 minute mark of the show: “How much do you guys have comfortably set aside to do some work here, AND… will you trust me with that budget and to make all the decisions?”

This is a tv show so of course they always have a pretty respectable budget and of course they always come around and hand their house keys over to Bryan… and despite any disagreements or disappointments during the show, the final reno is amazing and the home owners are ecstatic.

Now before you go thinking that there is no way you are going to let a stranger, even a hunky professional with the eyes of the world on him, reno a piece of your house, let me explain a little further. Bryan is the pro with eyes that know what they need to be looking for and the smarts to interpret what he finds and draw important conclusions.

If you are the homeowner getting the reno, you still get to choose stainless or colour, granite or Corian, hardwood or slate. Bryan knows how to make the frame and all its working parts strong and safe. The cosmetics he completes based on his clients wishes. If the client shows willing and even just a bit of talent, Bryan actually encourages them to have a go at the cosmetic parts.

See, I do watch the show and not just Bryan!!


Having been around this on-line space for a while, this is the stage I am at with my coaching. I know technicians who are worth their salt and I know how to recognize the ones who are going to waste your money. I know business development trainers who are still promoting techniques from 10 years ago and I know trainers who have a sixth sense about this this online market-space and stay current. I know which “gurus” talk through their hat and I know which gurus cultivate relationships with the trend-setters so they are always on the cutting edge.

I have wasted a fair chunk of change getting to where I am in my business. The good news is that I have learned the lessons and I am far more judicious with my spending, and my recommendations, now.

These last confessions are why I am confident I can help you get yourself up and running, proceeding with your on-line learning and business development. You won’t be wasting money ’cause I value your respect!  Plus I’ve never been able to keep a secret and I am not going to start now!  As my mother used to say, “I’m not backward in coming forward!”

The lessons I have learned need to be shared and that’s what I do.  Regularly!

Now don’t, for even a second, think that I am going to be building your online home!  I am merely the contractor.  Any sub-trades you need? I know some of the best!  Interior decorating?  Well, only you know what suits you in colour and style, but there is psychology around that too, that we can review together.  How to set up a shop in your online home? I can offer guidance there with some of the do’s and don’ts but you get to decide what’s on the shelves.  Don’t have a clue what to put on the shelves?  Ok, we can brainstorm there and I’m sure I can help you find a niche.  Thinking about taking a few courses to better launch you and your online business?  My mentors will agree they are among the best in the business!  🙂

The world-wide web is a huge space with millions of eyeballs looking for solutions: products and services. You have solutions for some of those eyeballs and I don’t want you wasting your time and money and energy like I did looking for the proverbial “better mouse trap”.  The sooner you get up and running, the sooner you have money coming in.  The sooner you have money coming in, the sooner you can start planning that retirement of yours!  (such as it is… on-line is fun and fabulous – you’ll keep on working, just when and where you please!)

Contact me today for a free consultation on your start-up ideas. You’re worth it, and somebody out there is waiting for you! They’re worth it too.

Post script to Bryan Baeumler:  When I get my own tv show – are you going to watch me??