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I have a question for you today.

When I started this post, I was going to ask you how you would answer this question. I was going to qualify it by saying I don’t mean “world peace” or “end child poverty”. Those are huge social issues that no one person can solve.

I think I was expecting answers like “create an on-line business that would ensure I, and many others, retire well”, or “fund a low-income housing complex in my city”. You know, tangibles that are very personal, and not completely out of this world.

After I created the picture quote, however, I received a message from the Admin of the site I use. His name is Joe and I’m actually planning on introducing him to you next week.

Joe’s comment was “I like when this question is asked around smaller achievements too.”

I then had to really think about what I meant when I asked the question. I decided Joe might be thinking I wanted to find a cure for Cancer, or fund education for every child under the poverty level in Canada. And of course, that’s not what I meant. (although that would be pretty cool!)

In reality, when I think of great achievements these days, I am thinking of more internal achievements. Like overcoming your own self-doubt in creating a truly exceptional business. Like discarding your current self-image and becoming the healthier, fitter version of you that you decided twenty years ago wasn’t in the cards. Like being the change you want to see in your favourite charity.

Joe’s follow-up comment was “When I think “great” I think of the end result/legacy and then work backwards…”   I like that word “legacy”.

So now I am leaving this post a free-for-all.

  • When you read the above quotation, what is your answer? or
  • How often do you have something clear in your own head only to have others think it differently? or
  • Do you feel your greatest achievements would be tangible, or intangible? and
  • What is the legacy you want to leave? 



I’m looking forward to the comments on this post!