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Some of you may recognize the title as the words behind the acronym TED as in TED Talks.

You may also have seen the acronym TEDx Talks, the X meaning that the event was “fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.”

This week I have decided to share some of the moments that impacted my day at TEDx Victoria: Emergence.

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If you drop by TED’s website, you’ll see a tag-line that says “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

I hope I have been able to stimulate a few gray cells for you this week with my posts, sharing some of the “nuggets” that that I thought were Ideas Worth Sharing.

The four speakers I have featured were just a fraction of the whole: there were 14 speakers in total, and 3 amazing artistic performances. As I reviewed my notes looking for a fifth inspiration to share today, I felt my brain going into over-load again. I am really excited about the speakers’ presentations being up-loaded to TED or YouTube so I can listen to them again.

I really encourage you to stop by the website and browse around. If you are new to TED Talks, perhaps start at their playlists page – it is an easy way to sample the unknown. As you can see this week, there is lots of inspiration available, and it is my opinion we can all use new and thought-provoking ideas for our businesses (and our lives).

I’m going to end my TED week, with a three-minute video called the 8 Secrets to Success. Imagine pulling that subject together in three minutes!! Enjoy! And please leave a comment if you have found anything of interest in my 5-Part series.

Here’s the link: Secrets To Success


This final quote was shared by Adam Kreek.