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I am in the midst of a business building course that I love.

Not only does the course material start right at the beginning of the adventure but the coach is delightful, funny young woman who takes no prisoners! That might sound like an oxymoron but I love her. She is smart, she is funny, she takes it as well as she dishes it. She knows her stuff and she paid her dues getting to where she is. So she asks the same commitment from her students. She asks pointed questions that a) make you think and b) enable you to find answers that only you can find. She can’t tell you what your business should look like – that’s a from-the-heart and from-the-gut kind of entity – but she sure knows how to lead the questioning so your internal jury comes up with the right answers. Yup, she is a legal beagle and I can only imagine her fortitude in a courtroom!

That is an intro to this post.

The course section I am working on right now asks what I want to achieve by being successful.

And this brings me to you.

Yes, I am building my business for all the usual self-serving reasons, especially making sure my retirement looks like I imagined… but I also want to find a way to empower you to ante up and do the same. I listen to my j.o.b. colleagues whinge about their pension expectations, or what age they have to work until, and I have to shake my head. I realize a lot of it is personality, but I just cannot imagine sitting back and being unhappy about something I have the power to try and rectify.

How about you?

Would you like to know you have all your debts gone by retirement without down-grading your lifestyle?

Would you like to know you can make some fun choices without worrying about budget?

Would you like to commit to some planned giving without concern for how to fund it?

Would you like to do the traveling you didn’t do after high school?

What I want to do is entice you to take a chance. Take a chance on yourself! What I offer you are the tools to shorten your journey. When I came on-line, all I knew is that I wanted to do something about my financial situation. I had no idea what that was or how to go about it, or even where to look. I just plugged every search phrase I could think of into Google; the only solid piece of knowledge I had was that my son-in-lieu had had an on-line job for a short while.

That was my Sunday morning for a number of weeks.

Until one Sunday I found what I didn’t know I was looking for. The potential to earn some serious money, try something complete new and intriguing, not venture too far out of my comfort zone, and be my own boss. This was a win/win/win/win possibility.

Now don’t get me wrong. It has been some pretty taxing brain work. I have followed some false leads. I have wasted some time mining fool’s gold. I have tried courses that weren’t worth the keyboarding effort.

Those are the experiences I bring to the table for you. I want to save you the money, the stress, the frustration of making all the same mistakes I did. And in helping you have success, I complete my journey and find my own success.

By being successful, I know that some of my on-line peers have reclaimed their dreams; I know that a group of women have proven themselves… to family, friends, themselves; and best of all, I have some new friends. It may sound simple, but it spells success to me.

How will you answer this question when you get to it? What do you want to achieve by being successful?

Leave your comments below, let’s compare stories.