What The H is TML?

HTML – “abbreviation for hypertext markup language: a text description language that is used for electronic publishing, esp on the World Wide Web” (source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/HTML)

When you read that opening line you had one of two reactions:

  1. Not sure what that is but it sounds cool! I wonder if I could do it!
  2. Glassy-eyed stare; let’s see if I can understand the next sentence.

Let me show you an example of the html version of a blog post:

This is the behind-the-scenes coding for the simple page you see when you visit a website:


Don’t go throwing in the towel before you’ve even begun! I asked a question and then I answered it!

If you have a bent for the tech side of on-line living, you may be acquainted with html and building a unique web-site will be easier for you.

If you are at all like me, however, you are going to be in tears if you even attempt to learn, understand and implement all the coding that goes into creating a website from scratch, especially one that reflects you and all you want to do on-line.

The good news is that there are people who understand html, speak it like it’s their first language and create all sorts of interesting designs from scratch!

Lorraine McNulty from Build-a-Blog is one of those people! She blows me away! She has been my web diva for a year and a half now and she still amazes me with what she can do! No stock themes for her!

And because she is used to having me as a client, she even designed a really basic course for those people who do want to give it a go with very little experience. EZPZ WP is something even I was able to handle and I created a fun website with a free theme. Check out the website here!

The good news for those of us who cannot get our heads around this on-line language, is as long as someone else puts together the actual nuts and bolts of the website, we can up-load our blog posts and do a variety of other things in plain English. And for those of us who don’t want to be totally reliant on our web divas for everything, Lorraine also gives us small easily-digested bits of info so we can do some things alone! After a while, even you will understand these instructions. (Here’s a sample!)

So, never avoid this on-line space because you think it takes a computer genius to create a website. So many parts are easily learnable, and like so many other things in life as you get used to the easy steps, the harder ones don’t appear so daunting!

So, quick! What does “html” mean?

Right, it’s computerese. And as long as you have Word you don’t need to know much html… is correct!!




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13 Responses to What The H is TML?

  • I have done both – built a website using html and Ii have used templates and both require html. I am thankful for techies like you, Lorraine McNulty and others I have met online since I can call on you when I have a question about an html problem. It is great to see the behind the scenes work. It makes the person requesting a website design to appreciate the finished work more than they would have if they had not been able to look at the nuts and bolts.
    terri recently posted…Friends of TJandTJMy Profile

    • Terri, trust me I am not a techie!! With Lorraine’s patient guidance I can now figure out a few things. My post was to reassure my readers that you don’t need to speak html to create a website, or maintain a blog! Sounds like you are doing all right with it!!!

  • Agnes is one of my star students and I am so proud of her.
    This time last year she would have laughed if you told her she would be writing a post on HTML.

    Even if you don’t want to tackle this stuff yourself it helps to understand it even if it’s only to explain the issue to someone that can fix it for you!
    Lorraine McNulty recently posted…A Penny For Your Thoughts? Seriously? They Are Worth Way More!My Profile

  • Thanks for this post Agnes. I am a non techie scared of HTML, but after following Lorraine, I too feel I could have a go with some small things!
    Helen Willsher recently posted…What Is Your Passion?My Profile

    • You’ll be fine, Helen! I actually started way back before I met Lorraine by seeing something on a colleague’s site that I wanted on mine so I messaged them and asked them how they did it… they sent me the html and I just changed up what I needed to so it would fit my site. When I had success with that, I realized that I could slowly learn a few things.

  • Hi Agnes,

    I actually have a degree in Computer Science, along with many years as a developer (and other technical positions). I love that did not have to completely retire my techie knowledge when I became a coach.
    rachel lavern recently posted…September is National Self Improvement MonthMy Profile

  • I admire Lorraine and all the other brilliant stars who light up the online world with beautiful virtual real estate!

    I use WordPress, which allows you to choose whether to write in HTML code or with a text editor. There’s so much I’ve learned to do, but a whole lot more that I’d much prefer a technical expert, like Lorraine, to manage! Thanks for this recommendation, Agnes!
    Susan Schiller recently posted…Be Fruitful and Multiply – Not an OptionMy Profile

  • Wow!!! You guys are good to even attempt to dabble with that stuff. I only venture in there, when I want to embed a video and change the size. Otherwise I stick to plain text. maybe one day, I will be bold enough to try to get it.
    Thanks for posting.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…YOUR “HEART HEALTH”My Profile

  • Lorraine is awesome and gives some great advice on HTML and social media. I got lucky and I was using HTML back when Myspace was the hot thing. Then when I had to learn CSS for WordPress, I got a little nervous, but I realized I can still use my HTML for WordPress so all is fine. I’ve done everything on my website myself and I’m pretty proud of it.

    I find that if you let go of the fear, learning becomes fun and interesting. 🙂
    Keri Kight recently posted…Guest Post on New BeginningsMy Profile

  • Hi Agnes, Thanks for sharing this article with us, It took me back years when I first started out in the online world and one of the first things I started to do was create my own websites and landing pages, Having seen the HTML at the time I was so confused but thankfully to a great coach by the name of Chris Farrell, I now know a good bit about HTML, It’s all a learning curve my friend 😉
    Paudie Callaghan recently posted…Overcoming Large Levels Of ResentmentMy Profile

    • Absolutely, Paudie! Even though I choose to use my energy doing what I am good at and leave the html to Lorraine, I have learned a number of things anyways! The smaller jobs don’t intimidate me anymore because I understand some of the logic behind the process.

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