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As Christmas gets closer and closer, you no doubt have people on your Christmas list you are struggling to find something unique for.

If you like practicality I have a great suggestion for you!

My friend Michelle at MommaMeansBusiness is a bit of an on-line security guru! I attended one of her webinars where she demonstrated how she “was able to access a client’s home address, type of car and license plate number, AND the names, personal photographs and birth dates of her children…WITHIN 15 MINUTES and using only tools that are publicly accessible and free (most of which you probably already use daily).”

It was mind-boggling and scary as hell!

My grandson is 4 years old. I pride myself on being careful, cautious, conscientious… and cuddly! (decided to stick with the Cs!!) J But I had to think twice in a few areas!

Michelle’s webinar, and subsequently her course, was the best $17 I have spent in a LOONG time!!

And I am ok being practical with the people in my life that I love!!

So this is a really short post, suggesting that this might be a serious consideration for your Christmas list as well!!

Does anything say “I love you” like ensuring the security of your loved ones? My grandson is worth this course at any price!!

Check it out:









(Sure hope she forgives me playing with her logo!!)