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One of the most focused and productive business courses I am taking on-line is called “Branded“. The coach is a fiery young woman who has walked the talk and she will keep you laser-focused on building a successful business if you give her even half a chance.

But why brand yourself? Surely you will attract a bigger audience and make more money if you keep it open and looser. Yea right, just like a million other marketers! And why would anyone choose you over one of those million other marketers?

I have taken quite a bit of teasing over the years for my affection for AM radio. But I grew up in small town B.C. back in the 60s when AM radio was all there was. In the AM radio world, a household name in those days is still a household name these days. And it was during a road trip yesterday that I got to thinking how this announcer really is the epitome of Branding.

His name is Red Robinson and if you have spent very much time at all in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoy rock music, you have probably heard of him. He has rubbed shoulders with every name in the industry, was friends with many of them. His on-air style is relaxed and conversational and his stories are amazing! with never a hint of bragging… or name dropping… he is probably one of the last great legends of rock’n’roll because of the experiences he has had and the stories he can tell about just about everyone in the industry from 1954 – 1994!

Now Red Robinson has never strayed very far from his name when finding a venue for his talent. The Red Rock Diner, Red’s Classic Theatre, The Red Robinson Show… he was always the foundation of his shows. And now, whenever I am off in my vehicle on a Sunday afternoon, I can still tune in to his show.

If it appears I am rambling in this post, let me now bring it all together.

One of the very best things you can have in your business is credibility. How much more credibility can an rock station announcer get than having sound bites on his show – “You’re listening to the Red Robinson Show”, “Welcome to the Red Rock Diner” as the follow-up line to “This is Johnny Cash,…” “This is Nat King Cole,…” “This is Roy Orbison,…” “This is George Harrison,…” .

Now I know Red Robinson and his history in “the business”. But if I was trying to convince a stranger that Red was the go-to guy for rock history; that he had first rate first-hand knowledge about his industry, what better endorsement than having the voices of the legends introducing him. And because Red has branded his business to himself, the “introductions” live on forever, long after the icon has taken his celestial discharge.

This is the power of branding. This is the power of branding your business to yourself. Once your name, your brand, has credibility, you can take that credibility anywhere.


Including the bank.